• Environmental Studies Major

    Students interested in the Environmental Studies major should consult with the director as soon as possible. The director must approve your area of concentration and can help plan the best course of study for your interests.


    Major Requirements

    The environmental studies major consists of:

    1. Three required courses
    2. Six courses in a discipline chosen by the student and approved by the director
    3. An internship
    4. Five supporting courses 

    Three Required Courses

    Disciplinary Concentration

    Each student must take six courses (three of which must be numbered 3000 or higher) in a single academic department or around a focused topic. This provides a depth of understanding in the particular field most closely allied to the student's interests. The director of environmental studies must approve the disciplinary concentration chosen by each student majoring in environmental studies.


    Each student must complete an internship related to environmental studies. The internship is usually taken for academic credit and completed under the supervision of the environmental studies director. Guidelines for requirements for the internship are available from the environmental studies director.

    Supporting Courses

    These courses are designed to complement the disciplinary concentration and to provide the student with a multidisciplinary perspective. We require one course in each of the areas listed below. In certain circumstances, other courses may be used to fulfill these requirements upon approval by the director of environmental studies. Courses in the student’s department of disciplinary concentration may not be used to fulfill these requirements, except for the quantitative methods requirement (which may be fulfilled within the department of disciplinary concentration).

    Environment and Human Values

    Quantitative Methods

    Economics and Public Policy

    Physical Science

    Culture, Politics and Economy