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    To earn a minor in Digital Media Arts requires the completion of 8 courses and participation in scheduled portfolio reviews.


    Foundation Sequence (2 courses)

    DMA 1100 - Introduction to Digital Media Arts
    Arts Elective - One course selected from the following:
    ART 1130 - Drawing
    ART 1140 - Life Drawing
    MUS 1100 - Survey of Western Music 
    THTR 1120 - Introduction to Theatre Arts: Stage and Screen

    Technical Skills Courses (3 courses)

    See the course listings for each year to see the available offerings. New courses are added regularly. Some courses are in a two year rotation.

    Digital Media Arts Gateway

    This course must be taken in conjunction with the declaration of major. Majors and minors must successfully pass DMA 3000 to continue in the program.

    DMA 3100 - Digital Media Arts Gateway

    Interconnected Electives (2 courses)

    The two courses in this cluster expand and refine your understanding of digital media as a technological force across disciplines. Each student, working with an advisor, will design and plan a sequence of courses to meet this requirement. The two courses must reflect a cohesive intellectual investigation. The two course sequence must be approved by the Director of the Digital Media Arts program at the time the minor is declared.