Digital Media Arts Professor and Student


    DMA 1100 - Introduction to Digital Media Arts

    Goals: To outfit students with a conceptual and technical foundation for making digital media art.

    Content: This course positions digital media arts as the interdisciplinary intersection of art and media. Combining hands-on projects with readings and discussions, students will consider key concepts of new media and question the impact of these media on contemporary culture through creative production. Students will spend the semester studying and developing art projects in a range of digital forms: web pages, raster images, motion graphics, 3d images and prints, and interactive games.

     DMA 1120 - Fundamentals of Design

    Goals: To enable students to apply basic principles of visual design in the creation and analysis of simple 2d digital media projects. Enable students to apply design thinking strategies to develop an effective work process in design.  

    Content: Through a series of hands-on projects utilizing a variety of materials and methods, this course introduces students to the fundamental concepts of visual design: picture plane, figure/ground relationships, scale and proportions, pattern composition, value, color, methods for conveying time and spatial illusion. In addition to introducing formal design strategies, the course examines issues of content and the historical/cultural context in which works of art are produced.

    DMA 1410 - Introduction to Digital Photography: see ART 1900 

    DMA 1420 - Introduction to Digital Video

    Goals: To enable students to develop an informed and personal approach to making digital video art. To master contemporary production techniques. To develop and refine perceptive, expressive and critical skills.

    Content: This course is a hands-on workshop in the fundamentals of using digital video as an expressive time-based medium. By solving a series of creative challenges students will learn the basic properties of video form and master rudimentary technical skills required to shoot, edit, and finish HD video.

    DMA 1450 - Introduction to Graphic Design

    Goals: To develop basic skill sets and fundamental conceptual frameworks for both creating and analyzing graphic communications across a variety of communication uses.

    Content: The course covers color theory, how a page/screen is "read" by a viewer, theories of design and emerging trends in graphic communication. Students will create graphic projects using the standard suite of Adobe software tools, graphic tablets, and additional programs and image libraries as required by project assignments.

    Prerequisite: Completion of ART 1130 is strongly encouraged before taking this course.

    DMA 1460 - Web Design 

    Goals: To develop basic technical skills and conceptual frameworks for creating engaging web sites using HTML 5 and CSS 3.

    Content: The course covers an overview of internet operation, maximizing design for an interactive web environment, optimizing media for web use, and the principles of site management. Through an examination and discussion of the best of current web design, students will sharpen perceptual and critical thinking skills. Students will spend the term planning, designing, building and revising a professional site. Students will use the latest version of Adobe software including Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator.

    Prerequisite: DMA 1100

    DMA 1470 - Introduction to Animation

    Goals: To develop basic skills in the creation of animated characters and environments sufficient to sustain a short narrative. To develop the critical and technical skills necessary to form and evaluate animated work for its abilities to sustain a narrative and/or critically communicate to an intended audience.

    Content: An overview of the development of digital animation as an artist's tool, work flow processes in animation design and realization software options and uses for digital animation, storyboard creation and constructing an animation sequence. Students will be working on a number of animation projects during the semester.

    Prerequisite: DMA 1100

    DMA 1480 - Introduction to Digital Audio 

    Goals: To develop basic skills in the creation and critical analysis of digital audio production and playback.

    Content: The course provides basic skills in both field and studio recording techniques. Technical content includes operation of sound boards, microphone selection and placement, working with both spoken word and musical performances in live settings, and editing techniques and practices. The course also includes units on critical analysis of sound production, copyright issues, and the development of audio recording.   

    DMA 3410 - Advanced Digital Photography: see ART 3900 

    DMA 3420 - Advanced Video Production

    Goals: Building on the fundamentals learned in Introduction to Digital Video, students will develop advanced and emerging video production techniques to create work that is targeted towards understanding and developing specialized contemporary forms.

    Content: Advanced video production techniques will be realized through hands-on projects geared towards a specialized topic. Students will learn the history and theory of the video production topic at hand and apply that knowledge to contemporary practices.

    Prerequisites: DMA 1420 or approval of instructor based on portfolio review, DMA 1480 is strongly recommended.

    DMA 3450 - Advanced Graphic Design 

    Goals: To build project development skills: idea generation, sketching, refinement, project planning and timely completion of projects. To refine graphic design software skills, develop the ability to evaluate design using advanced principles and proper industry vocabulary. To extend knowledge of the historical influence of design.

    Content: This is a studio based project course in which students utilize their knowledge of design, typography, and production techniques to produce a portfolio of designed artifacts. The course combines seminar, critiques and lab production. It includes extensive development of design skills through critiques, practice articulating design concepts through peer evaluation, the application of effective design strategies and the study and discussion of design history.

    Prerequisite: DMA 1450 and ART 1130

    DMA 3460 - Advanced Web Design

    Goals: To enable students to integrate Javascript, HTML, CSS for control of visual appearance and interactivity of web pages and apply basic principles of interactive design.

    Content: This is a project-based course in which students learn to harness the full power of HTML5 through the integration of three web technologies: HTML, CSS and Javascript. By building highly interactive web experiences, students learn the fundamentals of controlling visual appearance of the web page through JavaScript programming. In addition, the course explores the basic principles of interactive design. 

    Prerequisite: DMA 1460

    DMA 3480 - Digital Audio Recording and Mixing 

    Goals: To teach the technical and analytical skills required to produce clean and well-balanced audio from live or pre-recorded sources. To learn how to mix a number of independent sources into a well-balanced composite for live feed or for recordings, whether music or spoken word.

    Content: This is a theory to practice course that includes microphone selection and placement, understanding audio flow and manipulation, recording and mixing using a digital workstation, mixer board set-up and signal amplification.

    DMA 3980 - Physical Computing 

    Goals: This course will teach students basic programming skills, rudimentary electronics, microcontroller implementation, interactive and user interface design, and installation techniques. Students will learn the history of physical computing technologies, engineers, artists, and seminal artworks that inform contemporary practices.

    Content: A sequence of high-impact, hands-on projects will get students working with electronics, microcontroller programming, graphical multi-media programming, and sensor and actuator implementation to create physically interactive artworks with a focus on user input and computer output. Students will use soldering irons, breadboards, Arduino, electronic components, and Max programming in an environment that encourages experimentation and creative problem solving.

    DMA 3980 - Sound for Moving Image

    Goals: Students will develop advanced post-production skills for engineering and producing all aspects of the motion picture soundtrack, including film, video, and animation. Students will learn the history and theory of sound in film and apply that knowledge to their projects, which will bolster student work reels and portfolios.

    Content: Students will produce a series of audio post-production projects, culminating in a final project in which a complete, professional sound track is designed from the ground up. Topics include production (location) sound, Foley recording and editing, dialog recording and editing, sound effects (SFX) design, automated dialog replacement (ADR), synchronization, working with clients, and production workflow.

    DMA 3980 - MIDI Production and Synthesis 

    Goals: This course introduces students to the fundamental technologies and techniques of MIDI production and sound synthesis. Students will learn how to use the MIDI standard to communicate with software and hardware synthesizers and samplers as well as how to apply MIDI to multi-media productions. Students will learn how to produce electro-acoustic sound and music using digital audio workstations, synthesizers, plug-ins, and MIDI controllers.

    Content: Students will learn the fundamentals of MIDI production primarily through the use of contemporary software and hardware tools and through developing creative projects. Students will produce electro-acoustic sound and music projects for music, sound art, performance, and video. Students will learn sound synthesis by using hardware and software synthesizers as well as graphical programming environments such as Max. Special emphasis is placed on developing professional projects designed to strengthen student work reels and portfolios.

    DMA 3980 - Emerging Forms

    Goals: To introduce students to current and developing technologies, trends, techniques, and concepts in the rapidly evolving media arts landscape. Students will gain a deeper understanding of new and digital media arts history, how to place emerging forms in a contemporary context, and apply critical theory to the analysis of digital media.

    Content: This course is designed to present emerging digital media art forms through readings, critical theory, screenings, gallery visits , and visiting artists. Students will research and analyze emerging forms in the context of new and digital media history and seminal artists and artworks. 

    DMA 5910 - Senior Seminar in Digital Media Arts

    Goals: To integrate core formal principles, technical skills and critical analysis of digital media in the design and creation of a senior project and to develop an effective work process for independent creation.

    Content: This is the capstone course in the Digital Media Arts major. In this course each student synthesizes technical and critical learning in the discipline through the realization of a major media art project. Students spend two semesters working closely with faculty to develop a project from initial concept to final exhibition. On completion of the project, students compose a reflective analysis of the realized project and discuss their work with a faculty committee.

    Prerequisites: Open to DMA majors only. DMA 1100 and the completion of a significant part of the course work for the major.