• Digital Media Arts Professor and Student


    DMA 1100 - Introduction to Digital Media Arts

    Goals: To understand and employ the critical theories and technical skills involved in creating and analyzing the digital media arts as used in a variety of disciplines and situations.

    Content: Using a problems based instructional approach this course uses a series of projects that are designed to investigate key topics in understanding and defining the field of digital media arts. A number of guest speakers augment the content in this course by sharing personal and real-life experiences for analysis.

    Taught: Annually, fall and spring.

    Credits: 4 credits

    DMA 1420 - Introduction to Videography

    Goals: To develop fundamental abilities in videography including mastering professional vocabulary, understanding the technical processes involved in recording motion and audio and shooting successfully in different conditions.

    Content: Camera setup and operation. Setting up microphones, working with natural and artificial light, editing, continuity considerations and sequencing. Understanding files and formats.

    Credits: 4 credits

    DMA 3000 - Digital Media Arts Gateway

    Goals: To work effectively on both individual and team projects that will demonstrate the ability to formulate project requirements, develop timelines, prioritize workflow, work as a member of a task oriented team, communicate clearly and meet deadlines. To critically evaluate work using a guiding set of technical and design principles.

    Content: Using a problem based instructional setting students will work through a selected set of design and technical problems in both individual and collaborative team efforts. Topics include, project analysis, scheduling, group communication skills, project presentation and client management, and methods and principles for analysis and evaluation of digital art work.

    Taught: Annually, spring.

    Credits: 4 credits

    DMA 5910 - Senior Seminar in Digital Media Arts

    Goals: To create an original work that demonstrates the ability to realize a complex project. To exhibit the ability to critically read and respond to the literature in the field. To synthesize prior learning in the Digital Media Arts discipline and demonstrate the results of that process. To present in writing and orally a reflective analysis of the realized capstone project and compare and contrast the work done with standards and ideas current in the discipline. To exhibit appropriate preparation for transition into the industry or additional training.

    Content: Structured workshops in project design and realization. Critical readings in digital media arts subject areas, career planning and development workshops, seminar sessions and presentations that include portfolio presentations and critiques, presentation standards and selected small group tutorial sessions.

    Taught: Annually

    Credits: 4 credits