• Digital Media Arts

    Digital technology has radically altered the ways in which we craft and communicate message and meaning. The courses offered through the Digital Media Arts program provide opportunities to develop both technical skills and aesthetic understandings. By design the courses in this discipline emphasize the integration of theory and practice.

    Hamline’s digital media arts major is ideal for future artists, analysts, and professionals who will produce and fully engage the next generation of media, including video production, interactive web design, digital video editing, and audio production. The program focuses on the development of technical skills and provides students with practical learning experiences and regular professional assessment of their work as they progress toward their degree. The major also develops the broad analytical skills central to the liberal arts. It is intentionally interdisciplinary, and students will pursue the major in explicit relation to other fields like law, performing arts, health sciences, anthropology, English, or political science.

    Faculty in the Digital Media Arts program include artist/practitioners in a wide range of fields as well as scholars engaged in analyzing the ways in which digital media is changing society.