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    June Intensive Courses

    In The CWP at Hamline, June is a time for intensive immersion in the craft. This June, dive into Writing the Book Review or into The City in American Literature and Culture. Courses are 2 credits, meeting twice per week, for seven sessions in the month of June. 

    Writing the Book Review

    MFA Elective. 2 credits. 
    June 3 - 24, 2015. Mondays and Wednesdays, 6-9. (The first class session is Wednesday, June 3.)

    This class explores that most popular mode of literary criticism, the book review. What makes a great  review, and how does it influence publishing decisions, reader reception, and other aspects of literary culture? In this course, we will look at the history, ethics, and current “best practices” of reviewing, as well as write several reviews, with a special eye toward balancing the creative and critical sides of the intriguing and useful form. Instructor: Eric Lorberer. 

    The City in American Literature and Culture

    MFA Writing/Elective. 2 credits. June 1 - 25, 2015. Online.

    The city has been central to our human experience for millennia. As of 2010, more than half of the world’s population lives in urban areas, and recent trends in the U.S. suggest that roughly 80% of our population live in cities. This mixed-genre course explores the personalities of cities, the literary representation of architecture and space, the identity of city, nostalgia, and the divided city. Some of the questions we’ll examine include: What is the relationship between the city and the senses? What are the urban dreams that preoccupy modernist literature and poetry? What is the relationship between the inside and the outside of city life? How does city literature interact with the visual arts, films, and performance? Students will be asked to explore their own urban experience through reading and writing projects and will be asked to become a mapmaker of a personally meaningful urban environment. Instructor: Juliet Patterson.  




    Current CWP students should register for June intensive courses via Piperline. Registration opens Monday, February 16.

    Sampler students and alumni specials are able to register on Monday, March 2.