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    June 2016 Intensive Courses

    In The CWP at Hamline, June is a time for intensive immersion in the craft. This June, dive into Speculative Fiction or into Forms of the Sudden. Courses are 2 credits, meeting twice per week, for seven sessions in the month of June.

    Speculative Fiction

    2 credits. MFA Writing/Elective. Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6-9 pm. Term starts June 6. 

    This is a multi-genre fiction course that enters the worlds of fantasy, horror, and science fiction and focuses on creating a realistic story that grounds even the most unusual tale in a recognizable world. Inspired by the work of authors as varied as Octavia Butler, Italo Calvino, Kelly Link, Jeff VanderMeer. Margaret Atwood, and Sherman Alexie, this class will discuss multi-genre craft topics and use several in-class writing exercises to further investigate storytelling methods. Then, using what we have learned, we will read and reflect upon one another's work (either a short story or first chapter) in a workshop-style discussion. Together, we will go down the rabbit hole of slipstream fiction and discover the multitude of possibilities waiting on the other side. Instructor: David Oppegaard.

    Forms of the Sudden 

    2 credits. MFA Writing/Elective. Mondays & Thursdays, 6-9 pm. Term starts June 6.

    Events seem to be moving rather quickly to me, and I think the response of many writers has been compression, and an exploration of the art of the paragraph, the fragment, the sequence. This multi-genre course will explore various short forms as vehicles for expressive writing and conclude with individual projects constructed of a series of shorter works on a theme. Generally, the material will proceed from a consideration of the prose poem as a field of play, with an emphasis on the interior and on an understanding of the self, to brief non-fiction and an emphasis on the self and society as well as relational insight, to sudden fiction and an exploration of the other and empathic writing. The final week will be given over to the development and discussion of your projects and to hybrid forms of writing. Instructor: John Colburn. 

    NOTE: This course is open to Sampler Students. 

    How to Register:

    Registration opens to current and new MFA students via Piperline on Monday, March 7.

    Sampler students/Alumni Specials may register for Forms of the Sudden, on a space available basis, beginning Monday, May 21.