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    NOTE: Registrations are processed in the order they are received in the CWP program office. Contact CWP via email or call 651-523-2047 with questions about your registration.

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    Attention community members (non Hamline students or alumni), please list any workshops, creative writing courses and any writing groups you have been a part of or attended:

    Community members will be asked to turn in a writing sample to apply for registration in this writing course. The writing sample should be emailed to cwp@hamline.edu immediately after filling out the registration request form. You will not be registered without an approved writing sample. Submission guidelines: Poetry: 10 pages of poems; CNF and Fiction: 10-20 pages, double spaced. Students will be notified of registration status within two weeks. (Hamline MFA, BFA, MALS, and MFAC alums are exempt from the application process.)


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    Contact CWP at 651-523-2047 or send an email.