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    Our classes attract the kind of people who want to think deeply about their world. People like you who love to encounter new ideas and explore diverse perspectives. Whether you have graduated from Hamline, sampled a class with us before or have been out of the classroom for twenty years, sampler courses offer a way explore a rigorous, intellectual, creatively challenging environment with accomplished, supportive faculty. Scroll through the page for course offerings and registration and payment information. 

    Spring 2015 Sampler Courses:


    Online Course
    Term dates: February 4 - May 16, 2015

    Course Description:
    In this genre busting class, we’ll explore elements and practice of the prose poem and other poems and texts that combine strategies, forms and gestures of prose (fiction, nonfiction) with those of poetry. We’ll also read texts that are difficult to classify in terms of genre. Short forms, flash fiction, fractured narratives, mini-essays, collage and other forms will be explored. Students will try their hand at hybrid forms, and will be encouraged to experiment outside the bounds of their genre and aesthetic. Writers from all genres are welcome, as what we will be studying, discussing and writing will involve the abundant collision of literary genres. 

    Instructor: Juliet Patterson

    Fiction Topics: Fantasy

    February 4 - May 16. Wednesdays, 6 - 9 p.m.
    Giddens Alumni Learning Center, room 204E

    Course Description:
    All fiction seeks to immerse readers in another experience--another world. But successful fantasy fiction allows readers to believe six impossible things before breakfast. It's the job of the writer to provide the convincing fictional elements that allow readers to suspend their disbelief for the length of the tale. In this course, students will learn narrative techniques that make for a truly immersive fantasy. They'll read short fiction by contemporary writers in the field, to explore styles and subjects. They'll write short stories in several different sub-genres of fantasy. They'll learn to build convincing characters and worlds. They'll practice controlling the reader's experience through point of view, description, and language, and consider how structure affects fantastic narratives. And they'll help each other solve problems and take chances in their fiction. 4 graduate semester credits.

    Instructor: Emma Bull 

    A Sense of Place and Time: Creating a World in Fiction and Creative Nonfiction

    February 4 - May 16. Wednesdays, 6 - 9 p.m. 
    Giddens Alumni Learning Center, room 102E

    Course description:
    When we talk about “setting” in either fiction or creative nonfiction we are talking about much more than location. History, Culture, Landscape, Geology, Climate, People, Language, all of these and more may go into creating the world on the page. In this course we will read works of fiction and CNF in which place figures as prominently as character or plot, in which ”setting” is more of an engine than backdrop to the narrative. We will think about how writers approach both the familiar (in memoir and novels set in a location the writer knows deeply) and unfamiliar (in travel writing, essays or novels set in unknown places, and in essays and novels about the past.) Course requirements will include substantial reading, weekly exercises and critical commentaries. The final project will include researching some aspects of a place and incorporating that research into a major creative piece in either fiction of CNF. 4 graduate semester credits.

    Instructor: Laura Flynn  


    Registration and Payment Information

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    NOTE: Please read the Policies & Procedures and Tuition & Payment sections below before completing the online registration form. 

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    Policies AND Procedures

    Sampler students must have a bachelor’s degree. Transcripts may be required.

    Courses are open on a space-available basis. Please thoroughly read the Policies & Procedures form that accompanies the printed registration form.

    Grading: Courses are offered for graduate credit and graded with letter grades (A-F). A Pass/No Pass designation must be specified at the first class. Outside assignments will be required of all registrants, regardless of grading system.

 Application to degree program: Only sampler courses taken for a letter grade may be considered for future transfer into a Hamline University degree program. Grades earned must be a B- or better. Application and admission to a degree program are required.

    Tuition and Payment  

    Fees/Payment: $507 per semester credit. All credits in graduate semester credits. Courses range from 2-4 credits. A non-credit option is available on a space-available basis; cost for non-credit is 80% of the full-tuition rate.

    Texts and course packets at additional cost may also be required.

    Payment Plan: Those considering a payment plan should call Student Administrative Services at 651-523-3000 for details.

    Billing information will be sent from Student Administrative Services via email.

    Withdrawal: In accordance with the Official Academic Calendar, restrictions on refunds apply. Please call Student Administrative Services at 651-523-3000 for details.

    Cancellation: If a course does not reach minimum enrollment, it will be canceled at least seven days prior to the first session. Tuition paid will be refunded or held for another course.

    Alumni Discount: Alums of the Hamline MFA and MALS programs are awarded a 10% reduction in tuition.