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    Peace Officer Standards and Training Concentration

    The Minnesota Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) has approved Hamline’s criminal justice and forensic science department as a provider of the academic component of the professional peace officer education (PPOE) learning objectives for individuals seeking to become peace officers in the state of Minnesota.  Interested students may contact Hamline's POST coordinator, Professor of Practice Glenn G. Hardin, at ghardin01@hamline.edu.

    The PPOE learning objectives consist of three components: academics, skills training, and first responder certification.


    To fulfill the PPOE academic component at Hamline, a student must complete a bachelor’s degree with a criminology and criminal justice (CCJ) major and a POST concentration. The POST concentration courses are:

    • CJFS 1120--Crime and Justice in America
    • CJFS 3700--Policing in America
    • CJFS 3710--Criminal Law and Practice
    • CJFS 3720--Constitutional Issues in Criminal Procedure
    • CJFS 3750--Theories of Criminal Behavior
    • CJFS 3760--Juvenile Justice/Juvenile Delinquency
    • CJFS 5660--Capstone and Internship in Criminology and Criminal Justice
    • LGST 1440/3440--Mock Trial OR LGST 3680--Evidence
    • LGST/CJFS 3670--Legal Interviewing
    • SOC 3350--Racial and Cultural Minorities

    Pay attention to course selection as some of these courses are only offered once per year. Students may complete some of the required courses at another institution if the coursework is transferred in accordance with Hamline academic policies. Any student who transfers coursework toward a Hamline degree must provide the Hamline POST coordinator with a copy of a credit evaluation worksheet completed by the Hamline Registrar's Office. Syllabi for the transferred coursework may also be required.

    Students who already hold bachelor's degrees or higher still must satisfy the PPOE learning objectives. Generally such students can complete the required coursework in two academic semesters.

    Skills Training

    Law Enforcement Skills training is designed to give prospective peace officers the hands-on skills training necessary to qualify for licensure. It is optimal for students to begin researching Skills options during the fall of their junior year.

    Hamline does not offer Skills training. However, due to an agreement between Hamline and Alexandria Technical and Community College (ATCC) students have the option to attend Skills training during the summer at ATCC in Alexandria, Minnesota.

    The application deadline for Skills training at ATCC is February 1. Students should contact the Hamline POST coordinator during the fall semester to obtain an enrollment application packet for the following summer. Part of the enrollment packet consists of required POST student forms that need to be filled out and returned to the POST coordinator before the student begins Skills training.

    Typically students complete Skills training after their junior or senior years. Students may need to adjust their schedules to fit ATCC's academic calendar, which often deviates from Hamline's academic calendar.

    Other technical colleges offer Skills training where students can complete the Skills component. For more information on these programs see the POST webpage. Please note that students must complete additional required courses prior to being accepted for Skills training in some locations.

    First Responder

    Students are required to obtain First Responder certification. The Minnesota EMS Regulatory Board maintains a schedule of approved First Responder courses.

    Peace Officer Licensing Exam

    The Peace Office Licensing Exam is the basic exam given to students who complete the PPOE program (Academics, Skills, First Responder). First time applicants can apply for the POST exam online. The POST website also contains the PPOE learning objectives, which can serve as a study guide as they provide the structure for the POST exam.

    Certification of Completion Roster

    Before the Peace Office Licensing Exam registration deadline, students must provide to the Hamline POST coordinator:

    • A certified, original college transcript showing degree issued
    • Proof of completion of Skills training
    • Proof of First Responder certification
    • The required POST student forms.

    Once these documents are received, the POST coordinator will submit to the POST Board the certification of completion roster of exam-eligible students.


    Minnesota POST Board

    Minnesota EMS Regulatory Board

    Alexandria Technical and Community College
        Scott Berger, POST Coordinator