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    Minor in Forensic Science

    The forensic science minor complements majors in criminology and criminal justice, legal studies, psychology and other related disciplines by providing students with a concentration of forensic science coursework.  The forensic science minor exposes students to coursework related to the nature of physical evidence, and physical evidence collection, analysis, and interpretation.

    A minor in Forensic Science requires a student to complete the following seven (7) course requirements:

    Four (4) required courses:

    • CHEM 1100 or CHEM 1130
    • CJFS 1120: Crime and Justice in America
    • CJFS 1140: Introduction to Criminal Justice and Forensic Science Methods
    • CJFS 3400: Survey in Forensic Science

    Students must complete three (3) elective courses from the following courses:

    • CJFS 1150: Drugs and Society
    • CJFS 3410: Crime Scene Investigation
    • CJFS 3430: Forensic Document Examination
    • CJFS 3440: Forensic Fingerprint Examination
    • CJFS 3450: Forensic Firearm and Toolmark Examination
    • CJFS 3980: Forensic Pathology
    • ANTH 3500: Forensic Anthropology