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    Criminology and Criminal Justice Minor (CCJ)

    The criminology and criminal justice minor is designed for students who are interested in taking a concentration of courses in criminology and criminal justice to complement their major. The CCJ minor provides an overview of the study of crime and criminal justice systems and allows students to choose additional elective credits in substantive areas of the student’s interest.

    To complete a criminal justice minor, a student must take twenty-four (24) credits using the following guidelines.

    Three required courses:

    • CJFS 1120 - Crime and Justice in America 
    • SOC 3750 – Theories of Criminal Behavior 
    • CJFS 3720 - Constitutional Issues in Criminal Procedure 

    Twelve (12) Additional Credits

    To complete a CCJ minor, students must complete an additional 12 CJFS elective credits. At least 8 credits must be CJFS 37xx or above. CJFS 34xx or CJFS 36xx courses may not be used towards elective credit for a CCJ minor.