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    Conflict Studies Courses

    CFST 1100 - Introduction to Conflict Studies

    Goals: This multi-disciplinary course introduces students to the major approaches to understanding conflict at the interpersonal, organizational, and socio-cultural levels.

    Content: Students study how conflict is understood from a range of disciplinary perspectives and in a wide variety of settings so as to develop broad perspectives on the ways in which conflict can be analyzed.

    Taught: Annually.

    Credits: 4 credits

    CFST 3100 - Approaches to Conflict Response

    Goals: To develop an understanding and appreciation for the range and implications of various forms of conflict response and intervention.

    Content: Students will study a range of response strategies to conflict, including conflict escalation and de-escalation, coercion, persuasion, cooperation and reward, and will experiment with a variety of specific intervention techniques.

    Prerequisite: CFST 1100 or permission of instructor.

    Credits: 4 credits

    CFST 3300 - The Role of Conflict in Social Change

    Goals: To introduce students to basic concepts shared between conflict studies and social justice studies; to examine connections between social conflict and people’s movements for social change; and to study particular movements through these conceptual lenses.

    Content: Students will learn to distinguish among interpersonal, organizational, and socio-cultural levels of conflict; be introduced to relevant social science frameworks; study the role of conflict in particular movements; and develop analyses of an aspect of that movement in which they are especially interested.

    Taught: Annually.

    Credits: 4 credits