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    Communication Studies Research

    All Communication Studies students at Hamline University have the opportunity to engage in meaningful research. Every student completes a major senior research project as part of the major. Some students undertake more extensive projects, through pursuing Departmental Honors or engaging in Collaborative Research. Here we describe what is involved in undertaking Departmental Honors in Communication Studies, and we provide some examples of research undertaken by students. 

    Honors in Communication Studies

    All junior Communication Studies majors who have a minimum GPA of 3.5 in major courses are invited to apply for the departmental honors program. The student undertaking honors identifies an area of interest in which to do independent research and discusses this with a faculty member in Communication Studies. Candidates for departmental honors must then complete an application form obtained from the department and submit it to the department for approval, no later than 14 months prior to expected graduation. If approved, the candidate will work closely with the departmental advisor to complete an independent research project, which will be documented in a written honors thesis and will be presented to an examination committee. If both the written thesis and oral examination are deemed worthy of honors, a copy of the thesis is bound and filed in the Hamline University Bush Library. Departmental Honors are awarded at graduation. Collaborative research projects may or may not be honors projects. All students complete a research project as part of their senior research seminar work. 

    Departmental Honors Research Projects


    Maura Youngman
    Student Question-Asking Behavior in Co-educational versus Single-Sex Classrooms 


    Ina Baum
    40 Years of Labeling: German Public Discourse and the Turkish German Community (presented at the National Undergraduate Research Conference; presented at the University of St. Thomas Undergraduate Communication Research Conference, recipient of top paper award)


    Luisa Solorzano
    Communication Apprehension Effects on Second Language Speakers 


    Emily Edwards
    A Communicative Analysis of Farmers' Symbolic Construction of Life on Small Family-Based Farms (presented at the Central States Communication Association Undergraduate Honors Conference, selected for the "top papers" panel)


    Bettina Heiss
    Ethnic Identity Conflict in the New Country: Intergenerational War Narratives of German Americans (presented at the Central States Communication Association Undergraduate Honors Conference)

    Leah Mennis
    The Influence of Embedded Masculinity on Female Sport: Evidence and Implications for the Sporting Institution 


    David Jopke
    The Physician Patient Interaction: Communication Strategies for Maximizing the Treatment of Type-1 Diabetes 


    Shawn Vogt
    From Wrestling Ring to Governor's Mansion 


    Research Presented at National and Regional Conferences


    Trevor Maine  

    Video Game Aggression and Virtual Communication (presented at the University of St. Thomas Undergraduate Communication Research Conference) 


    Christy Eriksen
    Driving in Circles: A Case Study Analysis of the Road Conflict in Juneau, Alaska (presented at the National Communication Association Conference).

    Amanda Gilbertson
    The Centrifugal Force of Discourse (presented at the Central States Communication Association Undergraduate Honors Conference, and at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research)


    Emily Ament Communication factors in the doctor-patient relationship (presented at the Central States Communication Association Undergraduate Honors Conference; selected for the "top papers" panel) 

    Emily Anleu Mixed race Latinas: How do they describe their experiences concerning racial identity? (presented at the Central States Communication Association Undergraduate Honors Conference) 



    Collaborative Research and Top Senior Seminar Projects


    Matthew Perushek
    Media and Candidate Image: An Analysis of Voting-Age Youth (collaborative research project)

    Dominic Amegashitsi
    Developing Intercultural Communication Skills: What are the kinds of skills people form outside the United States use to adapt to the way people communicate in Minnesota?  

    Elise Gust
    Palliative Oncology Communication  

    Nikki Moen
    Strategic Magazine Advertising Towards African-Americans and Latinos

    Carly Morrish
    Self-Presentation and Differentiation in Online Dating Personal Ads: GLBT vs. Heterosexual Strategies and Trends on Craigslist.com  

    Andrea Sogaard
    Rhetorical Indicators of Leadership Style in the 2008 Democratic Presidential Primary  

    Jake Virden
    "We Are Other": A feminist critique of Zapatista identity


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