• Chemistry Major

    Major Program

    Chemistry students may choose to complete a Bachelor of Science (BS) or a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Chemistry.  Both of these degrees can satisfy the American Chemical Society (ACS) certification standards.

    The chemistry curriculum at Hamline emphasizes understanding the fundamental theoretical concepts upon which all molecular sciences are based. The development of skills useful in problem solving, in construction of models, and in gathering and interpretation of data is stressed. The laboratory courses place strong emphasis on experimental design, instrumental methods, modern laboratory techniques, and data analysis.

    Nearly all courses in chemistry are sequential and have prerequisites. Careful planning is necessary if students are to take full advantage of other options available to them at a liberal arts college. A decision to major in chemistry should be made as early as possible, certainly no later than the sophomore year. A student wishing to major in chemistry should consult with one or more of the chemistry faculty.