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    HLTH 1170 - Personal and Community health

    Goals: To explore health knowledge, attitudes, personal health behaviors, important trends in major health areas of concern today. To encourage students to examine, reflect upon, and act to change or strengthen health habits.

    Content: Mental health, drugs, human sexuality, prevention and control of diseases, nutrition, weight control, fitness, aging and dying, and consumer health.

    Taught: Annually

    Credits: 4 credits

    HLTH1180 - From Knowledge to Action

    Goals: To provide prospective teachers skills in teaching behavioral change and health/wellness skills, utilizing models of behavior change and motivational communication.

    Content: Skill sets that integrate models and theories of behavior change and learning into lesson planning and classroom communication.

    Taught: Annually, fall term.

    Credits: 2 credits

    HLTH 1520 - First Aid and Personal Safety

    Goals: To identify ways to prevent injury and/or illness, recognize when an emergency has occurred, follow emergency action procedures, and apply basic first aid skills. American Red Cross Certification in Community First Aid and CPR.

    Content: Shock, wounds, burns, respiratory emergencies, sudden illness, poisoning/drugs, thermal regulation, bone and joint injuries.

    Taught: Annually.

    Credits: 0.5 semester credit 

    HLTH 3630 - Prevention and Management of Athletic Injuries

    Goals: To become familiar with modern sports medicine techniques. To develop an understanding of the basic principles of prevention, management, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries.

    Content: Modern principles of athletic training with special emphasis on prevention of athletic injuries including prophylactic taping techniques, and management of athletic injuries including basic injury assessments. Other areas or presentation include mechanism of injury, principles of physical conditioning, emergency medical techniques, and analysis of protective equipment.

    Taught: Annually.

    Prerequisite: Basic human anatomy is recommended but not required.

    Credits: 4 credits

    HLTH 3700 - Critical Health Issues in Drug Education, Stress Management, Nutrition, and Sexuality Education

    Goals: Students will be able to identify behaviors and factors that prevent or reduce the risk of tobacco, alcohol, and other drug use, misuse, and abuse. The student will understand health-enhancing behaviors that reduce health risks including strategies to reduce and prevent stress-related health practices. Students will understand the concepts related to health promotion and disease prevention as it pertains to behaviors influencing our sexuality.

    Content: Investigate addictions and addictive behavior. Use, misuse, and abuse of pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, and illicit drugs. Understanding stressors and stress management. Nutritional issues: eating healthy and safe, weight management, and eating disorders. Investigation of multifaceted human sexuality: defining gender identity and roles, the female and male reproductive anatomy, pregnancy, birth control, and sexually transmitted diseases.

    Taught: Annually.

    Credits: 4 credits 

    HLTH 5630 - Advanced Techniques in Athletic Training and Sports Medicine

    Goals: Students will focus on the rehabilitation techniques in athletic training. Emphasis will be on designing, managing, and evaluating rehabilitation programs.

    Content: Areas of study will include core stabilization, plyometrics, open vs. closed-kinetic chain exercises, PNF, and aquatic therapy. Review of common injuries and establishment of proper rehabilitation protocols will be the main focus.

    Taught: Annually.

    Prerequisite: HLTH 3630.

    Credits: 4 credits 

    HLTH 5890 - School Health Program

    Goals: To understand that organized and effectively coordinated programs are essential to the goal of furthering school health education.

    Content: Introduction to the complete school health program, healthful school living, health services, and health instruction.

    Taught: Annually, spring term.

    Credits: 4 credits

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    Dr. Yali You was recently recognized by Hamline Undergraduate Student Congress as the 2015 Faculty Member of the Year.

    Following an impressive showing by all the finalists, Andrew Brady was chosen as the undergraduate student speaker for Commencement 2015. Congratulations to all of the finalists, Brianna Brown, Eleanna Mathioudis, and Savana D'Amico, for their tremendous speeches.

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