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    The study of art history involves the analysis of art and architecture within a cultural framework and is thus highly interdisciplinary in approach.  The goals of the department are to enhance students' perceptual and analytical abilities and improve research and writing skills. Through foundation courses, specialized electives, and advanced seminars art history students gain the ability to work independently on a senior research project that is the culmination of undergraduate art history studies.

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    Review: Dante in the long nineteenth century: nationality, identity, and appropriation, ed. by Aida Audeh and Nick Havely, Choice (March 2013)

    The "long nineteenth century" began with Dante's name and writings barely emerging (thanks to the impetus provided by nascent Romanticism) from the neglect to which the "enlightened" taste of the previous century had consigned them. It ended with Dante installed as the national poet of a newly united Italy, and his work--chiefly, of course, the Commedia--accepted as a touchstone of artistic achievement and historical significance among readers both within Italy and far beyond its recently delineated borders. This remarkably rich and informative collection of essays, by 19 scholars from six countries, offers a wide-ranging overview of Dante's 19th-century fortuna in criticism, scholarship, literature, the visual arts, music, cinema, politics, education, and cultural theory. Much space is rightly devoted to Dante's importance in debates about Italian nationality and identity during the Risorgimento; Audeh (art history, Hamline Univ.) and Havely (literature, Univ. of York, UK) also find room for studies of his appropriation by French, British, Irish, German, and American writers and thinkers and their counterparts in such less predictable locales as Turkey and Bengal. Readable and fascinating throughout, this book is indispensable for those interested in Dante, comparative literature, and interdisciplinary cultural studies. Summing Up: Highly recommended. Upper-division undergraduates through faculty. -- S. Botterill, University of California, Berkeley

    Art History major and alumna, Lauren M. (Howe) Freese, Class of 2011, has published an article in the Ramsey County Historical Society journal Ramsey County History  http://www.rchs.com/magazine/histzine.htm.  The article, "St. Paul's Beaux-Arts Carnegie Libraries: Philanthropic Architecture in Local Context", is based on her senior art history research project of the same name developed with the guidance of Dr. Aida Audeh, Associate Professor of Art History and Chair of the Department of Studio Arts and Art History.  Ms. Freese is now a graduate student in Art History at the University of Iowa in Iowa City focusing on analysis of the works of Frida Kahlo.

    Bekah Marzahn, senior art history major and honors researcher, has published an article in Oceánide, a peer-reviewed journal of cultural studies.  Ms. Marzahn's essay on Salvador Dalì's Don Quixote images appears in Issue 4 (2012).  http://oceanide.netne.net/articulos/articulos4-en.php

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    Jun 23 2014

    Inspired By

    Countless students and writers have been influenced by Hamline CWP professor and poet Katrina Vandenberg. Among those inspired by her writing is young adult writer and The Fault in Our Stars author John Green.

    Undergraduate Gino Terrell is already making a name for himself as a student journalist with a scholarship from Minnesota Society of Professional Journalists and multiple bylines on MinnPost.com.

    New on The CWP Youtube channel -- videos from the BFA Senior Reading. May 15, 2014. Congratulations, graduates!

    The Minnesota Private Colleges Council (MPCC) has produced a series of videos to help families take some of the confusion and stress out of figuring out how to pay for a college education.

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    The Department of Studio Arts and Art History maintains a collection of more than 80,000 slides and digital images. The 2,000-square-foot painting studio has almost 1,000 square feet of north light. The printmaking studio is equipped for the intaglio printmaking process. Housed in separate buildings are 2,130 square feet of sculpture and drawing studios. The sculpture studio is equipped for clay modeling and plaster casting. A new 900-square-foot, secure and climate-controlled gallery was opened in 1996 in the Drew Fine Arts Center. The gallery, which houses the permanent collection, has also featured exhibitions that have brought national attention to the university.