• Art History at Hamline University

    The study of art history involves the analysis of art and architecture within a cultural framework and is thus highly interdisciplinary in approach.  The goals of the department are to enhance students' perceptual and analytical abilities and improve research and writing skills. Through foundation courses, specialized electives, and advanced seminars art history students gain the ability to work independently on a senior research project that is the culmination of undergraduate art history studies.

  • Department News

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    Discover more about the Current Exhibition in the Soeffker Gallery.


  • Art History Facilities

    The Department of Studio Arts and Art History maintains a collection of more than 80,000 slides and digital images. The 2,000-square-foot painting studio has almost 1,000 square feet of north light. The printmaking studio is equipped for the intaglio printmaking process. Housed in separate buildings are 2,130 square feet of sculpture and drawing studios. The sculpture studio is equipped for clay modeling and plaster casting. The Soeffker Gallery, a 900-square-foot, secure and climate-controlled gallery houses the permanent collection and features annual exhibitions that have brought national attention to the university.


  • Additional News

    Peter Pearson's MFAC ’12 debut picture book, How to Eat an Airplane, is an absurdist guide to eating an airplane without embarrassing yourself. Launch party is June 4th at Flying Cloud airport.

    Daniel Bernstrom’s MFAC ’13 debut picture book, One Day in the Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus Tree, an “amusing and original tale of a plucky little boy who is gobbled up by a giant snake,” is out now from Katherine Tegen Books.

    Christine Heppermann MFAC ’10 explores the complexities of being a teenager in her latest young adult novel, Ask Me How I Got Here. The novel in verse is being released May 3 by Greenwillow Books.

    Gretchen Marquette’s MFA ’12 debut poetry collection, May Day, is being released May 3 by Graywolf Press. Marquette is also an adjunct faculty member the Creative Writing Programs at Hamline.