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    Criminal Justice Major 3-3 Program

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    Candidates for early admission to Hamline University School of Law (HUSL) must:

    1. Submit a Declaration of  Criminal Justice Major and Law School Early Admission (LSEA) minor form as soon as possible. You will need a Criminal Justice and Legal Studies Department advisor.

    2. Complete the four LSEA minor classes below by the end of your junior year.

    3. Complete fifth LSEA minor class LAW 9121 Contracts by the end of your first year at HUSL.

    4. Complete all Hamline Plan requirements and 100 semester credits by the end of your junior year. 

    5. Complete 32 breadth of study credits (credits outside the major department) bye the end of your junior year.

    6. File your intent to graduate form by December of your junior year.

    7. Apply to HUSL during junior year. Application should be completed no later than March

    8. Sit for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and complete the application process to Hamline Law School through the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) during junior year. Materials and scholarship applications are also available on the LSAC website and at the law school.

    Major Requirements

    First Year Fall
    CJFS 1120
    ENG 1110
    ART 1130 (o, F)

    First Year Spring
    LGST 1110
    PHIL 1140 (H)
    Nat. Sci. (N)
    HIST 1400 (I, S, o)

    Sophomore Fall
    SOC 3750
    CJFS 3770
    LGST 1250 (T, c)
    HIST 1300 (G, S)

    Sophomore Spring
    SOC 3250
    PHIL 1130 (R)
    SOC 1120 (S)
    Nat. Sci. (N)

    Junior Fall
    CJFS 3810
    LGST 5900
    REL 1100 (H, I)
    Elective 3xxx

    Junior Spring
    CJFS 3820
    CJFS 5660 (Q, W, T)
    SOC 3350 (S)
    ARTH 1200 (F, I)

    Continuation After The Junior Year

    To continue in the 3-3 Program after the junior year, the student must be accepted for regular admission by HUSL. Upon successful completion of 28 credits of law school course work,(C- or better grades) the undergraduate degree will be conferred. If a student is not accepted into HUSL after their junior year, the student returns to the CLA to finish their degree and a minor other than LSEA or convert their LSEA minor into a LGST major.

    Transfer Students

    Transfer students are eligible and must in addition to the requirements set forth above, take a minimum of sixteen (16) credits in the major while enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts.