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  • 3-3 Law School Early Admission Program

    Is law school in your future? Then consider Hamline’s 3-3 program, which allows highly talented and motivated students to complete their undergraduate degree and law degree in just six years.

    • Save one year’s worth of tuition 
    • Get a jump start on your peers
    • Choose from a variety of majors
    • There’s no risk if you change your mind – simply continue on as a regular Hamline student and graduate in four years 

    3-3 Majors

    Hamline’s 3-3 program is open to students majoring in the following areas:

    Business (General, BBA)
    Communication Studies 
    Criminal Justice 
    Legal Studies 
    Political Science
    Women's Studies  

    Students wishing to pursue a 3-3 track should meet with a Legal Studies professor upon entrance to Hamline for assistance in planning their coursework. No entry form or commitment is required. If you decide partway through your studies that the 3-3 track is no longer right for you, then simply continue on with your studies and graduate in four years.

    Participation in the 3-3 program does not guarantee you law school admission; students must take the LSAT and apply to and be accepted by Hamline's School of Law.

    Successful completion of the 3-3 program includes:

    Transfer students 

    Transfer students are eligible for the 3-3 program and must take a minimum of sixteen (16) credits in the major while enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts or School of Business. Transfer students must complete the Hamline Plan and 100 hours of undergraduate credit to be eligible for admission to the law school. Please meet with a Legal Studies professor for assistance in planning our your coursework.