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    Metro WaterShed Partners

    The WaterShed Partners is an innovative, dynamic coalition of over 60 public, private, and non-profit organizations in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul, Minnesota metropolitan area. Through collaborative education and outreach, we promote a public understanding that inspires people to act to protect water quality in their watershed.

    What we do
    The WaterShed Partners believe that by working together and pooling resources, we can reach more people with information about the importance of clean water and what to do to keep it clean. To learn about the work of the WaterShed Partners, go to the Current Projects page.

    What is an urban watershed?
    A watershed, or drainage basin, is the area of land that rain and snowmelt flows over on its way to entering a lake, river, or wetland. Even if your home is not next to a lake, river, or wetland, you still live in a watershed.

    What is runoff pollution?
    In the city, water flows over streets and sidewalks and into storm drains, which go directly into rivers and streams without being treated. So when water picks ups trash or pollutants, it carries them directly to the nearest lake or river. This is run-off pollution. To prevent it, cut down on lawn fertilizers, rake up leaves and grass clippings, and keep streets clean.

    2013 Annual Report and Membership Information

    Monthly Meetings

    The WaterShed Partners meet regularly, the second Wednesday of each month to network, share information, and hear presentations on important topics related to stormwater education. The meetings take place from 9:00 -11:00 am. See below for information on the next meeting.

    Next Meeting

    THERE WILL BE NO SEPTEMBER 2014 MEETING OF THE METRO WATERSHED PARTNERS. Instead, WSP is endorsing the Clean Water Summit on Thursday, September 11 at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. Members of the Metro WaterShed Partners are eligible for the discounted member rate.

    Please join us Wednesday, August 13th, 9am to 11am, at the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization (MWMO) offices [2522 Marshall Street NE, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55418, P: 612-465-8780] for the next meeting of the Metro WaterShed Partners. The August meeting will feature a presentation by Sam Geer and Michael Keenan of reGEN Land Design entitled "Gardening at the Water’s Edge."

    Shoreline gardening is a new approach to improving shorelines that prioritizes the importance of aesthetic beauty and the ecological benefits provided by plants at the water’s edge. By viewing shoreline spaces as gardening opportunities, it is possible to design beautiful gardens that appeal to a wide range of property owners, but also increase biodiversity, treat storm water runoff, and prevent erosion. This presentation will focus on how designers and water resource professionals can craft their messages to appeal to property owners who are not already interested in native shoreline restoration.

    Sam Geer and Michael Keenan are the co-founders of reGEN Land Design, a local design and planning firm aimed at creating resilient urban landscapes that perform and thrive in a changing and challenging environment. Their project types include green roofs, green walls, rain gardens, urban tree canopies, water harvesting/re-use and other sustainable urban planting and stormwater systems.

    Sam is a LEED accredited professional dedicated to creating sustainable urban landscapes. He holds master's degrees in landscape architecture and urban planning from the University of Minnesota. Michael is a landscape designer and plantsman. He holds a bachelor's and master's of landscape architecture from the University of Minnesota. Sam and Michael are also adjunct professors of landscape architecture at the University of Minnesota, teaching courses in planting design, geographic information systems, ecological design and landscape analysis. 

    ​See the August meeting agenda for more information​. 

    Directions:  www.mwmo.org/Contacts.html; Meeting Room: The session will be held in the larger of the two buildings that make up the MWMO facility. Go to the "downstairs" classroom, which is on the main level of the building; Parking:There is no parking available in the MWMO lot due to construction. Overflow parking is available across the street in the back of River Liquors or in the surrounding neighborhood. Do not park in Tony Jaro's lot next door. There is a map of available parking on the MWMO website: www.mwmo.org/Contacts.html.  Phone: 612-465-8780 

    Hey WaterShed Partners! Volunteer to work a shift at the Eco-Action booth at the Minnesota State Fair!

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