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  • Universitat Trier

     Trier is a German city rich with history.  The Romans established a political and religious center in the area around 16 B.C. and there are many surviving Roman landmarks. These include a Roman city gate, throne room, baths and arena; Romanesque churches; and a Renaissance palace.  Trier is on the bank of the Mosel River near the country's western border.  The Universitat Trier is Germany's oldest university, being founded in 1473.  The French Revolution forced the university to close, and it stayed closed for nearly 200 years before its reestablishment in 1970.  Today the university is located on the outskirts of the historic city less than 50 miles from the borders of France, Belgium and Luxembourg.    
    Universitat Trier is a research university where the liberal arts and social sciences are predominant, like at Hamline. The university is distinguished in business administration, economics, geography/geosciences, history, international relations, languages, linguistics, applied mathematics, political science, law and psychology. Interdisciplinary programs are offered in European studies, East Asian studies, environmental studies, information and communication, women and gender studies, public health.  Hamline requires a three-week orientation before the fall and spring semesters, including intensive German language classes.  The program fee and accommodation costs during this orientation are included in the Hamline exchange agreement.  Language courses are offered during the academic year and also included in the program cost.