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  • Want to Study Abroad for the Spring Semester?

    MORE THAN a year prior to a SPRING study abroad experience

    August - November

    The Hamline spring study abroad eligibility application is due in February a year prior to a student’s travels. Hamline’s study abroad office submits applications earlier than most institutions, which in many cases can give our students priority over other applicants. Because of the long-term planning, it is helpful to talk to a study abroad advisor in the International & Off-Campus Programs (IOCP) office during the summer or fall before the deadline. The IOCP advisors are glad to help students navigate the countless opportunities that Hamline has to offer. Schedule an advising appointment.

    December – January

    Students should set up a follow-up advising meeting at the IOCP office to receive the study abroad application and make sure they understand the application process for the program they decide on. The application is a combination of online and print materials as well as an application fee. See eligibility requirements for application.

    The year prior to a spring study abroad experience

    Third week of February

    Deadline for application to the IOCP Office. For example, the application deadline for Spring 2015 is Monday, February 17, 2014.


    Students are notified from IOCP about the committee’s decision about their application. You must notify IOCP of your acceptance and apply for a passport as soon as possible if you don’t already have one. You will set up an advising meeting with IOCP to discuss the specifics of the application to your respective program.

    April – December

    Each study abroad application process is unique and progresses at a different pace depending on which program students choose. It is best to act right away when IOCP distributes checklists and required paperwork.  Past study abroad students have indicated that procrastination makes the travel planning and preparation more challenging.

    Requirements following acceptance to a study abroad program are outlined on the IOCP Semester & Year Long Programs page under “After Acceptance.”

    September 25-October 15

    Application submission window for the Spring Holt Endowed Fellowship 

    For Spring 2015  
    August - November 2013 Schedule an advising appointment with an IOCP advisor

    December 2013 - Early February 2014      Decide what program to apply for and start the application for eligibility to study abroad     

    February 17, 2014 Eligibility application deadline

    March 2014 Students are notified about their application decision and can start the process to apply to their specific program

    April - December 2014 Attend Hamline "Crossing Borders" orientations and complete requirements for program of choice

    September 25 - October 15, 2014 Application submission window for the spring Holt Scholarship

    Spring 2015 Bon voyage!