• U.S. Capitol Building

    Washington D.C.

    A special place when it comes to public administration, Washington D.C. is the center of the federal government. It is also the center of discussion around many public policy and administration issues. Every successful public administrator needs to have an understanding of how things in Washington D.C work, how they can work effectively on national issues, and deal with the federal government.

    This class will provide students with several unique experiences that can only be had in Washington D.C. These experiences include talking with national leaders to discuss cutting-edge issues facing public administration, talking with persons who implement federal programs to understand the complexities of programs from the national level, and understanding the federal policy-setting process by talking with actors in that process. Take advantage of a unique opportunity to talk about ethical issues facing public administrators that can only be had in Washington D.C.

    Course Information

    • This 4-credit graduate seminar is designed to serve students in the MPA, MNM and DPA programs.
    • Students enrolled in the MBA, School of Education, and Creative Writing Programs are welcome provided they have permission from their program.

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