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  • Graduate Off-Campus Programs

    Each year, faculty members of the School of Business travel abroad with graduate students who are eager to immerse themselves in a unique education experience. Past destinations have included Cologne, Dubai, Vietnam, China and Italy and Washington DC. These trips challenge students to view the business, nonprofit and public administration sectors through the paradigm of a different culture. The 10-day trips include activities like visits to local companies, government agencies and historic sites, as well as, time for social activities and outings.

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  • U.S. Capitol Building Promo

    Washington D.C.

    Take advantage of a unique opportunity to talk about ethical issues facing public administrators that can only be had in the nation's capitol.

  • China Great Wall Mountains Promo


    Apply basic international business concepts, understand the importance of cultural context, and be exposed to the fundamentals of doing business in China.

  • Jonathan Sipola in Vietnam Promo


    Experience diverse developments in a rapidly globalizing country.

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    Holt Endowed Fellowship

    Financial support available for School of Business students looking to study abroad.