• Ask a Student About Their Study Abroad Experience

  • Elle Rose

    Study Abroad: Elle Rose

    Major: General Business ‘12
    Study Abroad Program: York, England

    Being able to interact with different cultures and having to make real life decisions was an experience I would not be able to get in a classroom. There's something about going outside of your comfort zone that pushes you to achieve even more and strive to try new things. I have stories from my trip abroad that I have continued to tell since the day I came home. It is an experience that has translated into many aspects of my life that I never imagined it ever would. The trip has made me eager more than ever to travel and try new things.


  • Thang Nguyen

    Study Abroad: Thang Nguyen

    Major: Master of Business Administration '13
    Study Abroad Program: Vietnam

    The Vietnam seminar I thought offered a different point of view of International Business development in Asia that wasn’t China. Furthermore, as a Vietnamese refugee I had a unique perspective and interest in visiting Vietnam. The full experience with all the senses and interactions with people and the traffic just cannot be duplicated in a classroom.


  • Moses Jame

    Study Abroad: Moses Jame

    Major: Business Administration '12
    Study Abroad Program: Cologne Business School, Germany

    I chose the Cologne Business School program because it gave me a chance to travel abroad and experience studying in a different country. It was probably one of the best decisions I made during my undergraduate because of the people I met and the opportunities I created for myself abroad.


  • Jessica Goodsell

    Study Abroad: Jessica Goodsell

    Major: Business Administration, Accounting and Management '15
    Study Abroad Program: York, England

    I chose the Hamline in York program because it allowed me to study abroad while paying Hamline tuition, and it offered relevant classes that let me add another major. I really liked that I was with a group of Hamline students and a Hamline professor because it was comforting to know that we could talk about our shared experiences of studying in a new country. The most significant knowledge I gained from studying abroad was about adapting to a different culture. Although England is an English speaking nation, it was very different from America. I was surprised by how different the language and social customs really were. Although I had been warned of these differences, I had no idea what it was like until I was actually immersed in the culture myself.


  • Dawn Bentley

    Study Abroad: Dawn Bentley

    Major: Dual, Masters of Business Administration and Nonprofit Management '14
    Study Abroad Program: Italy

    Many of my consulting clients come from technical and engineering firms. Northern Italy is full of companies with the same background, values, struggles, and aspirations. I felt as if I had the opportunity to travel to the best location in the world and learn directly from firms that had the greatest practical application to my consultancy. As our class visited businesses in and around Modena, I was able to see how the similar operations navigated globalization of highly engineered products and services. I was able to take this information back to my clients in conversations which eventually led to additional projects with some of my best customers. The experience directly affected my business in a positive manner and, like much of my classroom experience at Hamline, I was able to apply what I learned almost immediately.


  • Kristi Rendahl

    Study Abroad: Kristi Rendahl

    Major: Doctorate in Public Administration '09
    Study Abroad Program: Armenia

    I chose to design an independent study because I had previously lived and worked in Armenia, so I saw the Holt Fellowship as an opportunity to build on the cultural and linguistic skills I've developed and sustained over the years. Since I was just 21 when I first moved to Armenia in 1997, I felt that I had more to offer on my return years later, and I had already developed the skills to credibly engage with people on new ideas. My independent study resulted in the creation of a regular column with The Armenian Weekly, and my report on it provided useful information to the greater Armenian community, as well as to non-Armenians who live in Armenia, such as Peace Corps Volunteers (incidentally, Peace Corps is how I first went to Armenia in 1997). As I've continued to be a part of the Armenian community, I have had more opportunities to offer my insights through both writing and speaking engagements. It has also challenged me to consider how my experiences in Armenia -- in addition to my upbringing on a farm in North Dakota -- have shaped who I am today.


  • Alia Abboud

    Study Abroad: Alia Abboud

    Majors: International Business and Musical Arts '15
    Study Abroad Program: Nice, France

    I started to study French in 6th grade, and I wanted to take my language skills to the next level. The Université de Nice offered a variety of courses in both of my majors (music and international business), so that made it a great fit for me. I was able to take a mixture of courses in French and English. I also wanted to escape Minnesota and experience a different climate, so the French Riviera was the perfect solution! After taking classes at a big university, I appreciate the small, intimate Hamline community so much more. As far as my professional life, I'm highly considering living and working abroad after college and that opens so many more possibilities to me.


  • Rae Hale

    Study Abroad: Rae Hale

    Major: Master of Business Administration '14
    Study Abroad Program: Dubai and China

    I have been inspired to travel all over, taking the opportunity to travel to Dubai and China, and I hope to join in the next Seminar to Vietnam. Interacting with new people and business organizations, along with the new cultures, is something one should definitely take advantage of when given the opportunity.