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    MPA Traditional Model

    The Master in Public Administration program is offered in a traditional format at our Saint Paul Campus. The program is tailored to the scheduling needs of working professionals by offering evening classes and online components. Students select either full or part-time study.

    Program Requirements and Curriculum

    Students are required to complete 48 academic credits (twelve 4-credit courses). They usually complete the program in 2-4 years; however 7 years is the allowed maximum.

    8 Required Core Courses (32 credits)

    GPA 8000 - Foundations in Public Administration
    GPA 8010 - Professional Ethics
    GPA 8020 - Organizational Theory and Behavior
    GPA 8030 - Public Fiscal Management
    GPA 8040 - Public Policy Analysis
    GPA 8050 - Human Resource Management for Government
    GPA 8061 - Administrative Law
    GPA 8070 - Research Methods

    3 Elective Courses (12 credits)

    Students complete three elective courses. Opportunity for additional depth or breadth is available through a wide range of elective course offerings. You can opt to delve more deeply into public administration areas such as administering local government, managing state and local policy, and public dispute resolution. Or, you can explore topics offered within and across other School of Business programs such as conflict management, nonprofit management, human resource management, or international management.

    Through its Center for Public Administration and Leadership, Hamline offers certificate programs that allow state and local leaders to enhance their skills.  Completion of a certificate program can result in up to two master's level elective courses (8 credits) toward an MPA at Hamline.  Certificate program participants who choose to continue working toward the MPA at Hamline University must meet the requirements for admission to the Hamline School of Business.

    1 Final Course

    To complete the Traditional Master in Public Administration program, students may choose from one of two final options:

    GPA 8490 - Capstone Skills Development for Government
    GPA 8495 - Master's Thesis

    Additional Requirements

    For students with limited economics training, completion of an economics course is required.

    For students with limited government sector experience, an internship (GPA 8494) is required.

    Complete list of required and elective courses

    Dual Degree Option

    Students in the Master in Public Administration program may apply to earn a Dual Degree in Public Administration combined with Law, Management, or Nonprofit Management.