• mpa program requirements

    MPA Program Requirements

    Program Prerequisites

    Prerequisite requirements for the Master in Public Administration degree include the successful completion of undergraduate level course in Economics. Students are required to complete this course prior to enrolling in Public Fiscal Management.

    For information on prerequisite requirements or options on how to complete these courses please contact the Hamline School of Business Office at 651-523-2284 or hsb@hamline.edu.

    Program Content

    Core Courses (8 required)

    Core courses cover management essentials such as organizational theory and behavior and ethics. Other core courses, unique to public administration, include history, theory and management standards, research, and law. You will acquire critical management competencies and in-depth sector-specific skills.

    • Foundations in Public Administration
    • Administrative Law
    • Human Resource Management for Government
    • Organizational Theory and Behavior
    • Professional Ethics
    • Public Fiscal Management
    • Public Policy Analysis
    • Research Methods

    Elective Courses (3 required)

    Opportunity for additional depth or breadth is available through a wide range of elective course offerings. You can opt to delve more deeply into public service-specific issues such as administering local government, managing state and local policy, or public dispute resolution. Alternatively, you can explore topics offered within and across the Master of Business Administration and Master in Nonprofit Management programs within the School of Business.

    Final Courses (1 required)

    Hamline also offers flexible options for completing your MPA degree.

    • Capstone Skills Development for Government class: In a classroom setting you will have the opportunity to integrate the diverse materials mastered in the core program. You will practice managerial skills, formulate and recommend remedies-in oral and written form-to resolve the issues studies, and demonstrate the leadership necessary for effective managerial performance, thereby completing your capstone semester and final MPA requirement.
    • Master's Thesis: Working at your own pace over two semesters, you will conduct a substantial research and writing project-outside of the classroom/peer setting-with guidance from a faculty advisor. Approval by faculty committee will follow your successful oral defense of the completed project.