• Message from the Director

    Welcome to the Public Administration Programs at Hamline!

    For over 30 years Hamline has been providing education that helps students enhance their skills as public servants. We pride ourselves on a theory-to-practice approach that has created leaders in the public sector. Students learn from faculty who have proven leadership experience in the field and who bring this experience to the classroom to create dynamic learning environments.

    Public servants affect the quality of people’s lives on a daily basis. From public safety to roads and public works, public health, education and social services, public administrators provide vital services that help keep our communities strong and functioning smoothly.

    Now is an especially important time for you to further your education in public administration. The public sector is facing a crisis of leadership as 50% of the current workforce, particularly those in leadership positions, will be eligible to retire in the next 5 to 10 years. Getting your masters or doctorate in public administration now will help you get the skills and credentials needed to move in to leadership positions in the public sector.

    With a theory-to-practice and cross-sector approach to education, the public administration programs at Hamline provide you the knowledge and skills necessary to work in the dynamic world of public service. Taught by experts with a passion for public service, you will leave class each week with knowledge you can take to the workplace.

    Here's what some of our faculty have to say about our community of learners:

    "I am deeply committed to making government more effective in its capacity to reflect the concerns of its citizens, make good public policy decisions, and foster an ethical and fair environment. Teaching at Hamline University gives me a great opportunity to work with leaders who share these values."
    - Professor David Schultz

    "Enthusiasm for teaching and learning, commitment to excellence, depth of experience, and creative problem solving by students, faculty, and staff are just a few of the elements that make the Hamline School of Business a great place to work!"
    - Associate Professor Jane McPeak

    We hope your will join our community of learners in your quest to further your education in public administration.

    Kristen Norman-Major, professor
    Director, Center for Public Administration and Leadership