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    The Hamline University Master in Nonprofit Management (MNM) program gives working professionals the practical knowledge, tools, and skills they need to manage effectively and meet the complex fiscal and economic challenges of the nonprofit sector. The Hamline University Master in Nonprofit Management (MNM) program is recognized as the premier master’s degree program in the region dedicated exclusively to practitioners and professionals in the discipline. The curriculum content combines the theories of the nonprofit management discipline with organizational practices and skills training of the sector.

    The Master in Nonprofit Management (MNM) is available at the Hamline University Saint Paul campus.

    All students in the Master in Nonprofit Management (MNM) program are required to complete forty-eight academic credits. This includes eight required core courses, three elective courses, and one final course (either Capstone Skills Development or Master’s Thesis). For some students without nonprofit work experience, an internship with a nonprofit organization is also a program requirement.

    The Master in Nonprofit Management (MNM) program begins with a fundamentals course, which provides students with a sound foundation in the history, theory, and management standards of the nonprofit sector. Other courses (required and elective) provide working professionals with a base of knowledge in a variety of subjects, each necessary to build effective management skills.

    Degree Requirements

    8 Required Core Courses (32 Credits)

    • GPA 8002 - Fundamentals of Nonprofit Management
    • GPA 8020 - Organizational Theory and Behavior
    • GPA 8032 - Financial Management for Nonprofit Organizations
    • GPA 8052 - Human Resource Management for Nonprofit Organizations
    • GPA 8062 - Law for Nonprofit Organizations
    • GPA 8070 - Research Methods
    • GPA 8110 - Governance and Planning in Nonprofit Organizations
    • GPA 8362 - Fundraising for Nonprofits

    3 Elective Courses (12 Credits)

    Three elective courses must be chosen from among the School of Business graduate level courses.

    1 Final Course (4 credits) Choose from:

    • GPA 8492 - Capstone Skills Development for Nonprofits
    • GPA 8495 - Master's Thesis

    Additional Requirements

    Completion of an internship (GPA 8494) for students with limited nonprofit sector experience.

    Time Limit

    Generally, it will take students 2-3 years to complete the traditional MNM program; however, 7 years is the allowed maximum.

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