• Providing direction and stability during uncertain times.

    During economic and political uncertainty, many  members of society turn to nonprofit organizations. From helping communities address emerging needs, to acting as a check and balance to government and business activities, to providing much needed creative and artistic outlets, nonprofits help provide stability through uncertain times.

    To maximize their contributions to their communities, nonprofit professionals at all levels need to invest in themselves. Executive directors, program coordinators, board members, staff, and volunteers who engage in ongoing professional development are able to build stronger organizations that better serve their constituents.

    The Hamline Master in Nonprofit Management (MNM) degree is dedicated to preparing professionals to meet the complex fiscal and operational challenges that are unique to the nonprofit sector.

    We take great pride in our role in the ongoing professional development of our students and the nonprofit sector as a whole. Our dedication to providing applied, "theory to practice" courses and professional educational opportunities ensures timely, usable knowledge and skills that can help you in making both immediate and lasting impacts in your organizations and communities. Plus, your journey will be complemented by other nonprofit professionals who are also seeking to expand their knowledge and skills to better serve their communities.

    We would be honored to partner with you in your own ongoing professional development.

    I would be delighted to meet with you to discuss your own goals and how Hamline might play a part in fulfilling those goals. Please contact me at rrouthieaux01@hamline.edu or 651.523.2642 to set up a time to meet.