• MBA Program Curriculum

    The Hamline MBA curriculum is delivered in a series of six modules that strategically group like topics to help you develop real world leadership skills. Instead of taking a series of disjointed classes in a random order, the modules thoughtfully lead you from introductory to advanced critical thinking and explore the multi-faceted issues that businesses face.

    The Hamline MBA requires successful completion of 48 credits. Three elective courses in one area can create a program of specialized studies or concentration in international management, finance, conflict management, or marketing.

    The Hamline MBA is designed to be completed in 24 months.

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    Core Modules

    Module 1 (8 credits)
    Leading People with Integrity and Purpose

    •    MBA 8160 - Leadership Skills Development (3 credits)
    •    MBA 8140 - Critical Thinking (2 credits)
    •    MBA 8101 - Organizational Behavior (3 credits)

    Module 2 (8 credits)
    Managing Financial Resources

    •    MBA 8250 - Financial Accounting (3 credits)
    •    MBA 8210 - Managerial Accounting (3 credits)  
    •    MBA 8240 - Managerial Economics (2 credits)

    Module 3 (8 credits)
    Leveraging Organizational Resources

    •    MBA 8310 - Managerial Finance(3 credits)
    •    MBA 8350 - Marketing Management (3 credits)
    •    MBA 8330 - Managing the Global Marketplace (2 credits)

    Module 4 (8 credits)
    Improving and Protecting Resources

    •    Electives (4 credits)
    •    MBA 8470 - Managerial IT (2 credits)
    •    MBA 8450 - Business Law and the Regulatory Environment (2 credits)

    Module 5 (8 credits)
    Planning Change and Development (Part I)

    •    Electives (4 credits)
    •    MBA 8420 - Strategic Financial Analysis (2 credits)
    •    MBA 8495 - Strategic Management and Capstone/Field Study Part I (2 credits)

    Module 6 (8 credits)
    Planning Change and Development (Part II)

    •    Electives (4 credits)
    •    MBA 8496 - Strategic Management and Capstone/Field Study Part II (4 credits)

    Earning a Concentration

    An MBA concentration in Finance, International Management (MBA 8907 International Seminar is required for this concentration), Conflict Management, or Marketing can be earned by completing three elective courses under the same concentration subject.

    International Seminars 

    MBA students can attend an international seminar as part of their degree. Recent seminars include ten-day trips to China, Germany, Dubai, Italy, and India. Each seminar earns four credits and includes both pre- and post-travel class meetings and written assignments. International seminars frequently satisfy course requirements for two concentrations. Foreign language ability is not required.