• Holt Endowed Fellowship

    Travel abroad to discover the diverse and changing world in which businesses, organizations, and communities operate.

    The Holt Endowed Fellowship provides financial support to make meaningful learning experiences possible for Hamline School of Business undergraduate and graduate students. The fellowship is awarded to those whose academic pursuits demonstrate commitment to deepening their understanding of global citizenry, increasing their multicultural competencies, and immersing themselves in the ideas, customs, and languages of other cultures.

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  • Mission

    The Holt Endowed Fellowship's mission is to provide meaningful learning experiences to undergraduate and graduate students and faculty of the School of Business who are committed to the study of business, public administration or nonprofit management and who aspire to engage and lead organizations and communities with global awareness


    The Holt Endowed Fellowship will be nationally recognized for offering quality education programs in international settings in which Fellows deepen their understanding of multicultural ideas, customs, and languages.


    The Holt Endowed Fellowship reflects Hamline University’s tradition of excellence in liberal education and reputation for innovation in professional education. This Fellowship will:

    • Expose participants to other business, economic, political, and cultural institutions and practices around the world
    • Challenge participants to understand the diverse and changing world in which businesses, organizations and communities function
    • Develop strategies to examine and solve problems by drawing from a multiplicity of approaches, mindsets, and theories
    • Connect the global with the local in meaningful ways
    • Develop the highest standards of ethical leadership
    • Foster introspection and re-examination of traditional ways of thinking about the world’s cultures
    • Inspire participants to be and do the best they can to serve society
  • About the Holt Fellowship

    The Holt Endowed Fellowship is made possible through the generosity of Ann Holt. Ms. Holt made the endowment on behalf of her parents, Darrel and Elizabeth Holt '36, both Hamline graduates.

    Ann Holt  DE Holt

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