• Bachelor of Arts in Economics

    Economics is a social science related to business in the same way that physics is related to engineering, or biology to medicine. It focuses on the principles underlying the operation of the economy. Students who enjoy abstract analysis will find the economics major interesting and challenging. Study of mathematics is a useful adjunct and is essential for students planning graduate study in this field.

    Careers in the field of economics (academic, government, public service, profit, and nonprofit industries) usually require a graduate degree. A large proportion of the economics majors go to graduate school. The remainder typically find employment in the same types of jobs as management majors.

    Programs Available

    Economics Major

    Economics Minor 

    Double Majors and Minors

    It is possible to have double majors and minors in Business Administration and Economics; however, the elective courses used to fulfill either the business administration or the economics major requirements may not also be used as part of a minor or double major in the other field. Additional Management and Economics electives will be required.