• Mentor with the School of Business

    Public Service Mentor Program

    Professional Experience

    Graduate students in our Master in Public Administration (MPA) and Master in Nonprofit Management (MNM) programs have the opportunity to work with leaders in the public service field.

    One of Hamline's strengths has always been close connection with practitioners, and this program provides the opportunity for our students to learn and connect one-on-one with leaders in the field. Almost doubling the number from last year, we have added four former legislators and Executive Directors of some the Twin Cities' top nonprofits.

    The Public Service Mentor Program will allow students to learn from an industry expert who will offer wisdom, experience, networking, listening, and support.   

    Mentors interested in helping students can email Jim Scheibel at jscheibel01@hamline.edu.

    Students who want to participate can complete the Mentorship Program Application or email hsb@hamline.edu.