• Advanced Human Resources for Public Works Certificate

    The Advanced Human Resources Certificate will provide practical knowledge, tools, and skills public works professionals and supervisors need to manage effectively in the Public Works human resources environment. The program will cover topics ranging from the historical and legal foundations of public sector human resource management, performance measurement, employee development, effective discipline and specific contract management in public works administration. This program will increase your effectiveness as a public works manager and prepare you to be a leader in the industry.

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    Certificate Topics

    The program consists of four core module topics recommended by the American Public Works Association and identified by past Leadership Academy graduates as topics of greatest interest.  Some of the topics to be covered include:

    • Foundations of human resource management in the public sector
    • Authority in public sector employee relations
    • Developing employees and measuring performance
    • Effective discipline and workplace investigations
    • Administering the public works contract

    Program at a Glance

    All students must complete forty-eight hours of training in four monthly sessions.  Students who complete the Advanced HR coursework will receive a certificate from the Hamline School of Business Public Administration program.  Cost for the program is $1,350.

    Time Requirements

    Training will occur over four months, beginning in March 2013 and concluding in Jne 2013.  Training sessions will be held during the third week of each month on Thursday and Friday, and the participants will commit to four twelve-hour sessions for the entire program.


    This course will be offered in Fall 2015.

    Degree Candidacy

    All participants are eligible to earn the certificate and Continuing Studies credits regardless of prior academic experience. Eligible students who wish to earn master's level elective credits toward the Master of Arts in Public Administration at Hamline University must meet the requirements for admission to the Hamline School of Business and complete additional academic work in the class.