• Library Privileges for Visiting Scholars

    Bush Library provides access to our print and digital collections and databases to visiting scholars who are officially sponsored by a department, program or school of the university for a period determined by the sponsoring party. We are unable to provide access to the extended collections of our sister schools in CLIC (Cooperating Libraries in Consortium), the University of Minnesota, or other academic libraries. We also do not extend interlibrary loan privileges (borrowing of materials from other libraries) to our visiting scholars.

    Many university offices are involved in creating the identification pieces needed to offer a visiting scholar access to library products and services. We recommend a minimum of two weeks to make sure that all university offices are able to complete their step(s) in the process.

    Step 1

    The sponsoring party, (a Hamline department, program or school) contacts the ITS Help Desk (651-523-2220) to request the creation of a Novell login and GroupWise (campus email) account for the visiting scholar.

    Step 2

    Upon receiving the Novell login and email address, the sponsoring party shares this information with their library liaison and the Electronic Resource Librarian, Jon Neilson.

    Step 3

    Bush Library contacts Human Resources and the Administrative Information Systems (Banner) office to ensure that the visiting scholar gets appropriate Banner coding, so that data can be downloaded from Banner and added to the library patron file.

    Step 4

    Bush Library updates Library patron file, including a service expiration date, and notifies the sponsoring party that library privileges are available.

    Step 5

    The sponsoring party notifies their library liaison when the visiting scholar arrives on campus, so that the scholar will have an opportunity for a formal introduction to the library’s resources for scholarship.

    Step 6

    The library informs and holds the sponsoring party financially responsible for late fees, and lost book charges incurred by their visiting scholar. The sponsoring party will determine the availability and funding for printing and photocopying expenses for their visiting scholar.

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