• Ordering Library Materials 

    The library provides each academic department and program a portion of the Library's funds for new materials. The amount is based on an allocation formula. These funds may be used for purchased materials in any format: book (reference or circulating, print or online), DVD, journal or database subscription, etc. The only requirements are that materials ordered with library funds must support your program's curriculum and physical items must be shelved in the Library to provide campus-wide access.

    Unfortunately, we do not have sufficient funds to purchase materials that solely support faculty research. We can, however, obtain materials through Interlibrary Loan. Contact the Reference Desk for more information.

    View the materials allocation budget for Fiscal Year 2014 (pdf)

    Expanding Bush Library leased content during Spring 2014 (pdf)


    Your liaison needs to receive your requests for library materials by the 2nd Monday in January to ensure that the items are received and billed before the end of the fiscal year. University accounting rules require that we close our accounts on June 30. All funds not spent (i.e. billed by this date) are "lost" to the Library and to your program.

    The optimum time for ordering is September through January. We encourage you to order materials ASAP within that time frame in order to fully utilize the funds available. Any funds remaining (i.e., not encumbered) as of 2nd Monday in January will be reallocated at the discretion of the library staff.

    It can take several weeks to receive and process materials once they are ordered. It is important that materials needed for a specific course are ordered as soon as possible. Please use the following as a guide:

    Materials needed for:

    • January term: order by Oct 15
    • Spring semester: order by Nov 15
    • Summer semester: order by the second Monday in January
    • Fall semester: order by the second Monday in January or ASAP in late July.


    Use our online ordering form to submit your orders (Related Links on the right). Once your order is received and available for checkout, you will be notified via email.  To see other new materials coming into the library, stop by the New Books Shelf on the first floor of the library.

    Contact your  Library Liaison if you have questions or would like assistance in locating a specific title or materials on a specific topic.



    • Check WorldCat Local before you submit your orders to determine whether or not we already own the material. If we do, you'll be able to see that right away and submit another order in its place. The sooner you can get the orders to us, the more flexibility we have to spend your line down.
    •  Submit all orders via the online ordering form.  This will help speed up the processing time.
    •  Include an ISBN number whenever possible. You may use either the 10- or 13-digit ISBN number.
    •  Filling out the price is helpful but not necessary, but is helpful.  If you include the price, please use the list price.
    •  The more information you fill in on the online form, the easier it is for us to locate your item. It is useful for us to have the source of your information, e.g. web site or publisher's catalog, for any order.  This is useful for non-print materials, especially DVDs. There is a “notes” box on the online form for this kind of information.


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