• Capstones, Dissertations, and CLA Honors Theses


    Works by Hamline students are shelved on the 3rd floor, arranged by academic degree, then year, then author. These sections are labeled, but you can also use the following call numbers to browse the collection:

    CLA Honors Theses AS 36 .H25H 
    DPA AS 36 .H25Pd 
    EdD AS 36 .H24Ed 
    MA in ESL AS 36 .H25Es 
    MAEd AS 36 .H25E 
    MAEd-NSEE AS 36 .H25En 
    MALS AS 36 .H25M 
    MAM AS 36 .H25Pm 
    MANM AS 36 .H25Pn 
    MAPA AS 36 .H25p 
    MAT AS 36 .H25Et 
    MFA AS 36 .H25W 

    Samples of MA in ESL and MAEd-NSEE capstones are available online.


    If you are looking for capstones, dissertations, and honors theses on a particular topic or by a specific student, use the Advanced Search in CLICnet Classic. Enter your subject, author, or keyword terms and use the Material Type limit, CLIC Theses.

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