• DVDs and Videos

    Bush Library has a collection of videos and DVDs that can be checked out by Hamline faculty to show to their students.   This collection is a teaching collection and is not available for regular checkout.  Most videos in the CLIC system are also available to Hamline faculty.  The checkout period is 1 week.

    Faculty are encouraged to "book" their choices as far in advance as possible, whether it is a Hamline video or a CLIC video. Be sure to include the show date on your request. You may pick the video up from the Circulation Desk on the day you plan to show it.

    Finding a video or dvd

    Use CLICnet to see which videos/dvds are owned by Bush Library and CLIC. Looking for a specific video? Use CLICnet Classic.

    If you know the exact title: Change the "keyword" search to "title."

    1. Enter the exact title you're looking for.
    2. Change the 2nd dropdown menu to Video Resources. 

    If you don't know the exact title:

    1. Do a keyword search on one or two words that you are sure either might be in the title or the description of the video.
    2. Change the 2nd dropdown menu to Video Resources.

    If you're looking for any good video on a topic:

    1. Enter one or two keywords in the search box, e.g.  globalization
    2. Change the 2nd dropdown menu to Video Resources.
    3. If your term turns up nothing, try a more general/broad term. 

    Online Sources for Free Videos

    Previewing a video or dvd

    It is usually possible to arrange a brief period to preview the film. To insure a video/DVD is available, please fill out a request form. However, a faculty member may stop in at any time and check out any video/DVD that is available.

    Scheduling a viewing

    To schedule a video for your class, submit the Video Request Form.  (Videos cannot be directly requested on CLICnet.)  It is strongly recommended that you submit this form at least one week prior to the requested show date. Please keep in mind that videos can be used by all Hamline faculty and scheduling conflicts may occur. Requests for videos that are not a part of the Hamline collection should be made well in advance, preferably two weeks before the scheduled show date. Please use the request form below (click on Schedule a Video or DVD).If you would like to show a video or DVD from another CLIC library, please submit the request on the online form (see Related Links menu, on the right).

    • If you would like to put the item/s on Course Reserve, rather than show them during class time, please use the Course Reserves form.
    • If it is for a course that you are teaching at another institution, please contact that institution's AV service.

    Purchasing a video or dvd

    If there is a video/DVD that you would like the library to own, you can submit an order request with the same process you use for ordering books and other library materials:  use our yellow order card and/or contact your library liaison to purchase the video with your allocated library funds.

    Information for Students

    Students may checkout videos/DVDs for 4 hours to view inside the library; there are viewing stations in the basement.  If the video/DVD is on Course Reserve, the viewing time is 2 hours in the library.  Students who would like to schedule a video to show as part of a class presentation need to have the permission of the instructor.  Permission may be granted via the above request form; though an email to the Circulation Librarian or by signing a green request form obtained at the Circulation Desk.

    HUSC Videos

    HUSC DVDs are a collection of DVDs purchased by HUSC to be used by Hamline patrons.  They are not intended for classroom use.

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