• Digital Collections

    Bush Library now offers departments and programs a stable, web-based digital repository. Digitized collections can provide significant added value to support teaching, learning and scholarly research while also highlighting Hamline’s unique intellectual or archival property. The Art History Department has successfully created our first Hamline digital collection for teaching. See the Hamline Digitized Art History Slide Collection.

    Possible collection types include:

    • Photographs
    • Slides
    • Maps
    • Textual materials, such as letters, and diaries
    • Manuscript materials
    • Audio and visual materials
    • Artworks
    • Artifacts

    Through the CLIC consortium of libraries, Bush Library is able to offer ContentDM. This digital repository software and off-site hosting are used to manage and access digital collections. ContentDM streamlines the uploading and description of digital content while also offering an easy-to-use public interface to this content. Other examples of CLIC collections can be viewed at content.clic.edu.




    Bush Library Services

    Department/Program Responsibilities

    Administration and Support

    The Library provides support of Hamline’s ContentDM infrastructure. This includes creation of collection folders, and management of user accounts, as well as access, installation and troubleshooting of ContentDM software. Hamline libraries pay for ContentDM license and hosting fees annually, and Bush Library offers this service to our departments/programs at no charge. The collections will be linked through both CLIC and Bush Library’s websites.

    The Library provides limited support of hardware used for scanning or digitizing content and ensures that hardware is compatible with established data formats and standards. The Library provides recommendations on the best hardware for a particular project.

    Data Formats and Standards

    The Library will assist departments in assessing various image and archival formats and creating metadata standards and guidelines for individual collections.


    The Library provides oversight for standards. We will assist departments in understanding basic functions of the ContentDM software so that they can successfully upload, describe and maintain items within their collections.


    Departments are responsible for the digitization of items for their collection and any other work necessary to ensure items meet standards and guidelines established by Bush Library and our consortium.

    Descriptive Work /Metadata

    Departments are responsible for providing reasonable and accurate descriptions of items within their collections.

    Departments have a range of options when considering a digitization project: digitization and descriptive work can be done within the department or outsourced, either to another department on campus or to a third-party vendor.




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