• Reserves Information for Faculty:  Placing Items on Reserve

    To place items on Reserve at Bush Library, you will need to fill out a form:

    • Use the Reserves Form if it is for an item in Bush Library
    • Use the Personal Reserves Form if it is your personal copy.  You can also stop by the Circulation Desk's Reserves Station to fill out a paper form.


    Before you start...

    Does Bush Library own the item you need?  Check CLICnet (see Related Links).   Please note that we are not able to put another library's books on Reserve--because of copyright regulations, it needs to either be the Library's copy or your own personal copy.  If we don't own it, contact your Library Liaison to purchase it.  Give us as much notice as possible to ensure that it arrives in time. 


    Before you continue

    ... Can you link instead?  For an alternative to putting articles on Reserve, see Linking to Online Books, Articles, and Journals

    Who do I talk to about Reserves? 

    • Kim Salzer manages reserves for the Library.  Her number is 651-523-2044.  Or, you may contact her via email.  Circulation Desk workers also know basic reserves information.

    What materials are accepted for Reserves? 

    • Circulating Materials: Please check CLICnet to make sure the item is owned by Bush Library (HAM Bush). If an item is currently checked out, we will recall it and place it on Reserve for you when it is returned. If an item is missing and we're not able to find it, we will notify you and discuss your options.
    •  Articles: For this, we need the actual article. Please bring us an original or a photocopy of each. We do not photocopy articles to place on Reserve.
    •  Personal Copies:  Instructors are welcome to place their own personal copies of books, videos, tapes, etc. on Reserve at the Library. Any personal items placed on Reserve will be given a barcode, temporary call number, and a Reserve sticker.  These will be returned to you at the end of the Reserve period.

    What materials are not accepted for Reserves? 

    • Periodicals: Since periodicals do not leave the Library, they are always available for students to use. Therefore, we do not put our periodicals on Reserve.
    • Reference Items: Since Reference items do not leave the Library, they are always available for students to use. Therefore, we do not put our Reference items on Reserve.
    • Materials Owned by Another Library. We are unable to place items on Reserve from other schools/libraries, including CLIC schools, due to longstanding consortial agreements.
    • Articles Available Online.  See Journals @ Hamline from our Homepage to check this out. If your article has a stable URL, you can e-mail it to students via the class e-mail list; put it on an electronic syllabus; include it on a course web page; or include it in Blackboard. We are happy to help you learn about this! See detailed instructions at http://www.hamline.edu/bush/patrons/faculty_onlinereading.html

    How do I put items on Reserve for a class? 

    • Fill out a Reserves Request Form for each class. These forms are located at the Reserves Station by the Circulation Desk in Bush Library or at the top of this page. Information you need for the form is the instructor name, dept and course # , course title, instructor's phone, email and campus mail drop. Include start and removal date of items if not the end of the semester- and any restrictions on use. You will also need the title and author of each item.
    • Bring this form to the Bush Circulation Desk or to Kim Salzer in the Technical Services section of Bush Library.
    • If some of the items on the list are articles or personal copies, please also bring those with the form to Kim or a circulation worker.
    • If a Bush-owned item is checked-out, missing, or has some other status, please make a note of that somewhere on the form.
    • We normally need 2-3 days to get your items on reserve. We will pull items from the collection, mark them and put them into our online system. For items that are checked-out, please allow 7-10 days for those items to be recalled, returned and processed. If you are in a rush and have less than 2-3 days, please help us out by pulling Hamline Bush books from the shelves and bringing them to the circulation desk.


     What if I want to add Reserves to the list throughout the term?

    Just fill out a green Reserves Addition Form, which is available at the Faculty Reserves Station by the Circulation desk. Please use one for each title (including multiple copies of that title). Bring the materials you wish to add and the form to a Circulation Desk worker. We will follow the procedure as in # 5 above.


     TIPS for success: 

    • We consider reserve materials priority items for library purchase, so we buy these with our general library budget. Please send your library liaison requests for reserve materials for upcoming courses and we will attempt to have them in our collection when you need them.
    • We will place a maximum of 1 copy of an item per 20 students on reserve.  Please keep this in mind when submitting reserve requests.
    • You are responsible for observing applicable copyright laws.  For more information see Hamline policies and procedures on Copyright.


    Questions?  Call Kim at 651-523-2044 or visit the Reserves Station by the Circulation Desk.




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