• Undergraduate Research

    Achieving University Honors requires that students participate in the wide range of undergraduate research experiences that Hamline offers and values (minimum 300 points, maximum 350 points). Towards this, students must complete two or more significant research experiences. Students must provide evidence of attendance and reflective engagement, and no points can be awarded until a reflective piece is submitted. The number of points awarded depends on the nature of the engagement, the time committed, and the quality of the submitted reflection. All points awards are at the discretion of the Director of Honors.

    Undergraduate Research: Achievement 



    Independent study course that is a research project


    Summer collaborative research in the Humanities, Fine Arts, or Social Sciences


    Summer research in the Natural Sciences (any department)


    Any project significant enough to have been accepted for presentation at NCUR


    5000-level research (or creative) course, grade of B+ or better


    Departmental Honors Project (DHP)


    Please note that a single research experience cannot be double-counted, i.e. as one that was both part of Summer Collaborative Research and was accepted for presentation at NCUR. However, for research experiences that satisfy more than one category, students may petition for additional points.

    Research points cannot come solely from fulfilling the requirements of the student’s course of study (his/her major(s), minor(s), and certification(s)).