• Applying to University Honors

    To achieve University Honors a student must propose a plan for achieving Undergraduate Honors to the Director of Honors. In your proposal, please explain how you plan to achieve University Honors during your undergraduate career. Once your plan is revised as necessary, accepted, and approved, you will have access to the University Honors Blackboard site where you will build your Honors portfolio. On Blackboard site you can upload your proposal and all your reflections, and check how many points you have earned.

    Graduating with University Honors requires you to fulfill requirements in four areas: academic excellence, undergraduate research, contributions to community, and development as a lifelong learner. You must earn a total of 1,000 points in these four areas. Consult the section on Honors Requirements on the University Honors website concerning how to earn points in each area.

    Click on the sample proposals below for an idea of what successful proposals might look like!

    The deadline for Spring Enrollment in the Honors program is December 4th. The deadline for Fall Enrollment in the Honors program is May 6th. 

     Please download the University Honors Proposal Form (DOC) or  University Honors Proposal Form (PDF), fill in your responses and reflections, save your newly filled-in document with the title “University Honors Reflection Form YOURLASTNAME,” and submit via email to universityhonors-fac@hamline.edu. Please maintain 12-point Times New Roman font and one-inch margins.