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    Student Administrative Services
    East Hall, Room 113
    1536 Hewitt Avenue
    Saint Paul, MN 55104-1284

    Fax: 651-523-2585
    Phone: 651-523-3000

    Course Credit & Course Load

    Most courses are four semester credits unless otherwise noted. A total of eight semester credits is the maximum course load for summer; Hamline students are granted residency credit for up to eight credits taken during the summer.

    Hamline students wishing to take more than a total of eight semester credits must file a petition with the Student Administrative Services office. Visiting and Postbaccalaureate program students are excluded from the credit limit. It is strongly advised that students do not take more than one course during each summer term.

    Drop/Add Policy

    Nonpayment and/or nonattendance does not drop you from your course(s) and does not result in a refund or reversal of charges. If you decide to drop or withdraw from your course, please contact Registration and Records at registrar@hamline.edu or via Piperline for Hamline undergraduates.

    Add, Drop, and Withdrawal deadlines can be found at www.hamline.edu/academiccalendars.


    To audit a course you must obtain permission from the instructor. Pick up an Audit Card from the Student Administrative Services office, bring it to the first day of class, and have the instructor sign it. Courses can be audited for a fee of $100 which must be turned in with the audit card by the second day of class. The audit fee is non-refundable. Courses must have a minimum enrollment of eight students for an audit to be allowed.

    Academic Policies

    Summer students are responsible for knowing certain information located in the Undergraduate Bulletin. The Academic Policies section includes information on grades, incomplete contracts, and class attendance. Courses that are referenced as prerequisites for summer classes can also be found in the Undergraduate Bulletin.