• Scholarship Fair

    Scholarship Panel Presentations

    Session I: 1:30–2:45 p.m.
    Giddens/Alumni Learning Center

    Location: Giddens/Alumni Learning Center, Room 110W

    "Visit Palestine": Expropriating the Promised Land
    Rebekah Marzahn
    Advisor: Aida Audeh

    Social Cohesion in a Panicked World: A Critical Analysis of State Responses to Terrorism in the United States and Spain
    Georgia Patrascu
    Advisor: Leila DeVriese

    Immigrants Rights and Policy in Spain
    Allana Marshik
    Advisor: Leila DeVriese

    The influence of Turkish immigration on German nationalism and multiculturalism
    Jozie Nummi
    Advisor: Leila DeVriese

    Location: Giddens/Alumni Learning Center, Room 106W

    The Aesthetics of Videogames
    Wyatt Andersen
    Advisor: Stephen Kellert

    Projectivism and the Moral Relevance of Disgust
    Robert Ferrari
    Advisor: Lisa Bergin

    Angst and Authenticity; an Engaging and Interactive Performance of a Picture of the Unexpectably Mutual Philosophy of Søren Kierkegaard and Friedrich Nietzsche
    Kwristawff Rochel
    Advisor: Nancy Holland

    Heidegger, Kuhn, and the Myth of the Disinterested Observer
    Sydney Green
    Advisor: Nancy Holland

    Location: Giddens/Alumni Learning Center, Room 203E

    War Propaganda and the Soldier's Duty: Exploring the Evolving World War One Mentality of Sassoon and Graves Through Their Writing
    Michael Bearmon
    Advisor: David Hudson

    The Birth of Caligari: National Trauma and the Impact of the Great War on German Film
    Tasha Lindberg
    Advisor: David Hudson

    Spinning the Totem: Dreams of the Unconscious in 21st Century Science Fiction Film
    Tess Barrett
    Advisor: Alice Moorhea

    "What You Will": A Dramaturgical Study of Twelfth Night for Use in Theatrical Production
    Anna Smithberger
    Advisor: Jeff Turner

    Location: Giddens/Alumni Learning Center, Room 202E

    Skeletal Indicators of Children's Health Status in a Prehistoric Southwestern Population
    Lindsay O'Mara
    Advisor: Susan Myster

    The Politics of Lexicography: An Examination of pre-Franco, Franco, and post-Franco Dictionaries
    Benjamin Del Greco
    Advisor: Russell Christensen

    Policing the Police and the Body in South African Science Fiction and Crime Fiction
    Anne Kuenzie
    Advisor: Mike Reynolds

    Anti-Predator Behavior in Xenopus Laevis
    Eli Poirier
    Advisor: Bonnie Ploger

    Location: Drew Fine Arts Lobby

    Senior Art Exhibition: Ongoing
    Senior Studio Art Majors, Exhibitors

    Music Department
    Honors Recital: 1:30 p.m.
    Sundin Music Hall

    Jillian Anderson, soprano
    Kelby Brandanger, guitar
    Davis Breen, trombone
    Charles Burchill, trumpet
    Erik Burgess, drums
    Eva Coon, violin
    David Fine, tuba
    Rachel Gates, cello, trumpet
    Michael Jaques, piano
    Michael Kemmitt, guitar
    Hannah Kolbeck, horn
    Lane Manke, oboe
    Sarah Pavey, clarinet
    Armen Sahakyan, piano
    Seth Stratton, tenor
    Anna Toegel, saxophone

    Location: Giddens/Alumni Learning Center Lobby

    Poster Presentations
    Meet the Author: 2:45-3:15 p.m.

    Do Prey Fear Unfamiliar Predators?: Physiological Responses of Daphnia to Native and Invasive Predators
    Jessica Churchill
    Advisor: Leif Hembre

    DNA Fingerprinting to Assess Genetic Diversity Among Sinorhizobium Strains
    Cory Miller
    Advisor: Betsy Martinez-Vaz

    Analyzing Expression of 1-Aminocyclopropane-1-Carboxylate (ACC) Deaminase in Strains in Sinorhizobium
    Alyssa Renn
    Advisor: Betsy Martinez-Vaz

    Verification of Simulated Acoustic Environments Utilizing Cross-Correlation and Power Spectral Density
    Jonathan Soli
    Advisor: Kevin Donohue

    Location: Giddens/Alumni Learning Center, Room 110W

    Scholarship Panel Presentations
    Session II: 3:15–4:30 p.m.

    Labor Productivity and Participation
    Nicholas Bocovich
    Advisor: Fahima Aziz

    How Much of Male/Female Wage Differential is From Differences in Seniority?
    Aaron M. Hardin
    Advisor: Fahima Aziz

    Game Theory Analysis of the 2011 NFL Lockout
    Ryan Hable
    Advisor: Stacie Bosley

    Environmental Implications of Water Privatization in South America
    Paul Pasterik
    Advisor: Barbara Younoszai

    Location: Giddens/Alumni Learning Center, Room 106W

    Collaborating for Change: How an Urban Elementary School and University Support and Sustain School and Community Partnerships
    Tessa Mortenson
    Advisor: Letitia Basford

    Karen Refugee Students' Academic and Social Experiences in Twin Cities K-12 Schools
    Margaret A. Crenshaw
    Advisor: Letitia Basford

    Maternal Characteristics and Their Relation to Observed Parenting Behavior
    Taylor Listul
    Advisor: Paula Mullineaux

    Spirits and Saints: Religion and the Supernatural in Morrison and Naylor
    Abigail Strait
    Advisor: Veena Deo

    Location: Giddens/Alumni Learning Center, Room 108W

    SOUL SALES and other blood commodities: an analysis of Marlowe's and Shakespeare's morality economy through the conduit of manifest capitalism
    Matthew Petersen
    Advisor: Marcela Kostihova

    Comprehensive Metropolitan Reform: The Application of Urban Regime Theory
    Rick Dornfeld
    Advisor: Joe Peschek

    A House Divided: Women's Activism in the Minnesota Labor Movement, 1900-1935
    Ryan Tate
    Advisor: Nurith Zmora

    Location: Giddens/Alumni Learning Center, Room 202E

    Gender and Sexuality: Normalizing the Deviance in Fanfiction Communities
    Dianna Fielding
    Advisor: Sharon Preves

    Queer as Rebellion: A Study in First World War Homoeroticism and Homosexuality
    Sarah Van Dusseldorp
    Advisor: David Hudson

    Darcy and Elizabeth Revisited: Four Film Adaptations that Reflect the Build-Up of Cultural Feminist Advancement
    Sarah Pavey
    Advisor: Marcela Kostihova

    Revisiting the Revision Process: An Analytical System for Incremental Improvement
    Christopher Kinniburgh
    Advisor: Mary Rockcastle

  • news

    From political science to English, professors gave different perspectives in analyzing the 2016 Republican National Convention (RNC). The four-day convention is not only the time to select the official party nominee, professors agreed, but also sets the tone for the presidential race that follows.

    Hamline University is thrilled to announce it has received grants from the Joyce Foundation and William and Flora Hewlett Foundation's Madison Initiative totaling nearly $500,000. The grants will be used to help fund the Citizens Assemblies (CA) project. Created by Hamline Political Science Professor David Schultz.

    Professor Jenny Keil and Michael C. Brilley were recently elected to the Hamline University Board of Trustees. Brenda Edmondson Heim returns to the board following a year as an emeritus trustee.