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  • Hamline University
    1536 Hewitt Avenue
    Saint Paul, MN 55104-1284

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    31 Hamline University Apartments30 Alumni House29 Graduate School of Liberal Studies28 Snelling Avenue Offices27 The Heights26 Manor Hall25 Sorin Hall24 Anderson Center23 Drew Science Center22 Robbins Science Center21 Holt Tennis Courts20 East Hall19 School of Law18 Blue Garden17 Bush Memorial Library16 Old Main15 Power Circle14 Giddens/Alumni Learning Center13 Undergraduate Admission12 The Bishop11 The Heech10 Drew Hall9 Sundin Music Hall8 Bush Student Center7 Hutton Arena6 Drew Fine Arts Center5 Walker Fieldhouse3 Studios A, B, and C4 Pat Paterson Fields2 Klas Center1 Klas Field
    Minneapolis Park Plaza
    33 Hamline University Minneapolis32 Hamline Park Plaza  

  • Virtual Tour

    Hamline University is located in the midway between the cities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, in a vibrant neighborhood home that is a virtual "festival of nations," with restaurants and businesses representing sixteen different countries.

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