Hamline Policies

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Guests, Visitation, and Escort Policy

Owner: Residential Life

Pertains to: Residential students

Description: Hamline University's residential life office has adopted the following policy for residential guests and visitors.



Any visitor to the residence hall must be escorted at all times by his/her hosts. This pertains to both Hamline students and non-Hamline students. Visitors are defined as people who either do not live in the building or work as university officials. Residents who host non-university or non-resident guests who violate any policy will be held responsible for the actions of the guest. Guests may also be held responsible for their actions under the appropriate university or legal authority. A resident may be considered a guest's host by virtue of participation in a violation and/or by witnessing the violation of the guest. Unescorted and/or disorderly guests may be asked by university officials or law enforcement officers to leave immediately.


The resident agrees to allow no other person or persons to occupy the premises as a resident. With express permission of roommates, guests are permitted to stay overnight in residence halls, in reasonable numbers, and for periods generally not exceeding three consecutive days, or ten days in a semester. Any student who wishes to have an overnight guest must first request permission from the roommate(s). Roommates always retain the right to deny such permission, whether or not they will be present. Apartment residents are welcome to have guests in the apartment in reasonable numbers and for periods generally not exceeding one week at a time and not exceeding three weeks during a semester, subject to consent by all roommates.