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  • Project Call

    FY15 Project Call Request

    The “Capital Call” process has now been renamed the “Project Call” process, which will still be done annually but allows for submissions during the course of the year as well.  The Project Call process is focused more on understanding the need of an area versus the prescribing the solution. This process does not consider normal work services that occur during the year through a work order or the ITS help desk.  It is project-driven where the costs involved could be operating or capital related.

    This year’s process will also eliminate the need for projects over and under the $5,000 threshold for IT and Facilities.  All project needs will be reflected in the submission regardless of size. The forms have been consolidated, simplified and streamlined to make submission much easier for everyone.  Other “Capital” requests that do not fall under IT/Facilities projects will still need to be submitted as done in the past, and may include equipment, library purchases, and athletic capital.

    Please work with your teams to ensure they understand the process and can provide input.  A detailed calendar of the Project Call process can be found below.  You’ll notice this year’s timeline is similar to that of prior years, with the exception of additional time granted for the submission.  The timing may be different next year.

    The process for both the Project Call and Other Capital Requests is outlined as follows:

    Project Call Request

    This process calls Deans, Assistant & Associate Deans, Senior Administrators and/or their designees and direct reports to submit requests for ITS/Facilities projects that support Hamline University’s strategic initiatives.

    To begin the Project Call process, we are now soliciting and accepting project requests beginning Monday, October 21st  If you submitted a request last year that was denied or unable to be funded, ITS and Facilities will be sending these back to you in the next few days.  If the request is still valid, and remains a strategic priority for your area, you may choose to re-submit it again for consideration.  The project requests should be submitted by November 29th to be given the best consideration and funding into next year’s budget. While project requests can be submitted throughout the year, a basic annual process still needs to occur for purposes of planning and setting next year’s budget.  Project requests received after this date have a greater chance of not being approved and funded.

    The timing between October 21st and November 29th provides a slightly larger window of time to submit your request than in the past.  You are encouraged to work with ITS/Facilities to determine the best approach to meet your need in the most efficient and effective way possible. These two areas will assist in designing and costing out the project and provide direction as to next steps.  If you have a more complex project, the sooner you get the request submitted, the better.  This allows ITS and Facilities more time to research and cost out the project.  These steps all need to be completed by November 29th in order to achieve the best consideration by the project review committees. The project review committees will review requests in an organized and timely manner. Through this process each request will be evaluated as to its perceived needs, budget constraints and strategic impact. 

    Other Capital Requests

    This process involves “Other” requests that do not fit under Facilities projects and/or ITS requests regardless of cost. Such examples would be dining kitchen equipment, athletic equipment, scoreboards, certain start up costs for new faculty (as it relates to capital), and library collections (operating and capital needs).

    “Other” capital requests can be made from the same Google form as ITS/Facilities Project Requests, following the same instructions (see http://www.hamline.edu/projectcall/).

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