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Law Professors Present at Dispute Resolution Conference

Hamline School of Law Professors David Allen Larson and Bobbi McAdoo along with Associate Professors Ken Fox and Sharon Press participated in the American Bar Association (ABA) Dispute Resolution Section's 15th annual spring conference in Chicago April 3 - 6, 2013.

Press, director of Hamline Law's Dispute Resolution Institute, and Fox joined colleagues from the University of British Columbia and the European Graduate School, Saas-Fee, Switzerland, in co-presenting the conference session, "Thinking with the Body: Why Movement Matters in Mediation." This session reported on emerging insights into the connection between conflict transformation and neuroscience and explored physical/movement-based approaches for teaching conflict theory and practice.

Larson made two presentations during the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution Legal Educators Colloquium titled, "Teaching Negotiation Online: Is It Better than Face to Face?" Larson's first presentation was titled, "ADR and Technology: Hamline and Concord Law Schools Combined," and the second was titled, "Emerging Technologies: Technology Facilitated Negotiation Teaching."

McAdoo presented with colleagues on "Fiduciary Duties for Mediators, Lawyers or Judges -- Imagined or Real?" and participated in the Court ADR Conference, including a facilitated discussion of developing a nationally coordinated and funded research agenda. In addition, she and Press facilitated a resource-sharing session for the Legal Educator's Colloquium. Press made an additional presentation during the main conference in a session entitled, “Definitions Matter: Legal and Ethical Implications” with American Arbitration Association Staff Attorney Tracey Frisch.