Hamline News

Czech Republic and Slovakian Rotary International Members Tour Campus


On Monday, April 8 members of Rotary International from the Czech Republic and Slovakia toured the Hamline University campus. Dr. Jean Strait, director of the Center for Excellence in Urban Teaching, and student, Allycyn Atchison, were their tour guides.  The tour consisted of visiting various important buildings around campus. The group was impressed by the historical aspect of buildings like Old Main and the Hamline United Methodist Church, especially in comparison to the modern architecture of the Anderson Center. Small class sizes, modern teaching equipment in Bush Library classrooms, and the close proximity of buildings were other features that positively stood out to them. Meeting quite a few students with teaching ambitions, and crossing paths with President Hanson were bonuses for the group as well.

 Members Martin, Vanda, Linda, Veronika, and Ladislav all enjoy professions as journalists, editors, and interpreters, and Stanislav is a radio announcer and event presenter. As members of Rotary International they participated in a group study exchange program, spending April 6th to May 4th traveling around the United States learning about other young professionals here. They spent two days in Minnesota, and came to Hamline to observe a normal American university (committed to service, just like they are). The group is led by a Rotarian and while they are here they stay with other rotary members, much like a host family when one studies abroad.

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