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October 01, 2012

Assessing Our Students, Assessing Ourselves published

In 2011, more than 60 of the world’s leading negotiation scholars gathered in Beijing for the Rethinking Negotiation Teaching (RNT) project’s third and final international conference. The event, like the preceding conferences in Rome and Istanbul, was designed to inspire a diverse and energetic group of scholars to push forward their thinking on negotiation teaching in contemporary courses, both in terms of content and delivery.

Participants responded by generating so much wonderful scholarship that it requires two volumes to publish it. The first of these volumes, "Assessing Our Students, Assessing Ourselves," volume three in the Rethinking Negotiation Teaching Series, was published by DRI Press in late August. Joining Hamline Law Professor Jim Coben and Chris Honeyman, managing partner at Convenor Conflict Management, as editors is Noam Ebner, whose idea to create a single chapter on assessment grew into an entire volumewhich highlights how intentional use of assessment can be used to foster learning. As with prior volumes in the RNT series, the book is available as a free download from the Hamline Law website or via Amazon. Later this year, "Educating Negotiators for a Connected World," the fourth and final volume in the RNT series, is scheduled for publication by DRI Press.

Also published this past year as an outgrowth of the RNT project was the first issue of Tán Pàn: The Chinese-English Journal on Negotiation. The journal, which will be an ongoing collaboration between Hamline University School of Law and Hong Kong Shue Yan University, aims to provide a vigorous and interdisciplinary examination of the negotiation field in China and throughout the Pacific Rim.

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