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MBA grad assistantships

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A new effort by the Hamline School of Business breaks the catch-22 people often face in a tough job market. Businesses and corporations are looking for employees who have experience, but people looking for work or a promotion can’t gain experience without a job. The graduate assistantship program allows new MBA students the opportunity to acquire real-world skills while they purse their degrees.

Students in the graduate assistantship program will work with seasoned professionals and take on high-level projects in various university departments. The work will translate seamlessly to future employment opportunities and promotions.

Grad assistantships for new MBA students are available in the areas of marketing, social media, public relations, civic engagement and service learning, campus recreation, athletic recruitment, and student activities at this time. Students who apply and are accepted into the program are offered scholarship compensations of up to $5,000 for the first year that they are enrolled in the MBA program.

“We are excited to offer these exceptional experiences to our incoming MBA students,” Anne McCarthy, dean of the Hamline School of Business, said. “The grad assistantships, in tandem with classroom learning provided by our distinguished faculty, will enable our students to excel in the workplace.”

Following a first successful year in their positions, jobs may be renewable for students in their second year, as they finish out their 21-month MBA cohorts. 

The skills students learn through these assistantships will give them the hands-on experience employers are looking for. It will make them coveted and valuable employees.

Learn more about Hamline’s MBA grad assistantship program on the School of Business webpage.